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lightning discharge
Benatecka Vrutice 2008
Lightning registered as light and sound, 1800 m from the hit point. Visited after several hours.
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Crop circles

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Crop Circles, Crop figures, Benatecka Vrutice 2008

Immediate controll of the lightning hit point, 3 hours after the lightning.

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It was a storm accompanied by an extraordinary heavy rain. Location visited after two or three hours, lodged (damaged barley) area estimated at 80% of whole field. Surrounding fields unchanged, almost without flattened crop, even the closest neighbors across the field path. Rather, their state unchanged since on some of them there were lodged areas before, all continuously recorded and documented. Consulted with a local farmer, controlling the state of the field immediately after the storm, found that before the storm did not lay in the field even a blade. The rest of the field to about more than 95 % lodged (flattened) over the next following weeks.


Photographs taken not later than three hours after the lightning shot. Thanks to information from local agriculturist, there were no lodging (damaging, weakening) on that field before thunderstorm. Other fields, just adjoining this one, remained almost untaken. Lightning hit not extremely strong (peak 6000 A, maybe called "a little", below-average), but the rain was really extremely strong and heavy, several tens milimeters of rainfall during less than a hour. Maybe significantly changed (lowered) electrical resistance of earth surface, also plants, and thanks to that would became such an extensive changes in minutes, because electric current passed through the whole field surface. Thanks to that were actually affected by electricity plants almost on the whole surface.


In the course of approximately 30 minutes fell several tens mm of rainfall, flattened entire field of approximate area of 6 hectares, very irregular in shape. Photo accompanying this paragraph was taken at the same location four days later. Consultation with a local farmer, who was on the spot and controlled the effects of storms, revealed that before a storm on the rest on the earth or straw. As has stated during the harvest will have to combine the assist guys with pitchforks. Grain (barley) almost completely flattened, 80-90%, in areas that have not been flattened distributed very randomly. The surrounding fields untouched, or their status unchanged, before their status verified several times and checked regularly. Including nearest, distant only about the width of field paths, hails would be unable to hit so selectively in a single field, yet so irregular.


Lightning was possible to watch and hear following thunder, during thunderstorm staying round a mile in a beeline from the lab place. (the hit point exatctly 1800m)


Again should be emphasized, despite the extreme precipitation, heavy rainfall are other fields untouched, but the field affected by lightning is lodged (damaged, weakened) almost completely across its whole area (estimated at over 80%). The field has a relatively complex shape, see accompanying sketch and map, making it almost impossible a local meteorological phenomenon and its local action so that it only affected this field, without noticeable interference of neighboring fields, separated only by a field path.



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This page was prepared, and all the facts and theories presented here were very thoroughly, closely and in detail experimentally examined by


Jan Ledecky


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