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lightning discharge
Chronology - Details
Crop Circles - more detailed informations about chronology of crop lodging (damaging, weakening)
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Crop circles

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Crop Circles, Crop figures Chronology Detailed



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Chronology of Crop lodging - other details

This page will show a gradual change in cereal crops, which occurred mainly in the vicinity of and around some of the observed regular structures (Crop Circles). It is something really very difficult, any documentation to this effect is practically none, and may be obtained more or less randomly. It is caused by the most common error of almost all Crop Circles explorers, who documented such objects, and thus their job has ended. They do not realize at least, that any object, which they were just documenting, subject to time (chronological) evolution, until harvest. Although they have never been able to capture the action from the very beginning, as well is very interesting that, what follows after they terminated their activity. What they documented, is included  in terms of chronology rather between exceptions, because the object was created very quickly, probably mainly due to a The Domino Effect and the Butterfly Effect. But that does not mean at all, that on that place nothing will happen in future, on the contrary. Certain changes it is possible to observe until the harvest.


As already mentioned, from the documentation that was on such places acquired by the vast majority of " Crop Circles explorers", can not be derived in terms of chronology absolutely nothing, because they that site amost never visit again. But it is fortunately possible to use more or less random phenomenon, that some images documenting the phenomenon, shot by a variety of crop circle hunters, were captured at various times.


The only exception to the enumerated rule are those cases, where there some time after the first observation of the shape - there arise some other parts. In this case, possible see some "explorers" as appropriate, raise their ass from comfortable chairs and go shoot the object again.


Although on any of that photos we encounter immediately another huge mistake, WHICH WOULD NOT BE AFFORDED BY ANY PHOTOGRAPHER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES ROUND WHOLE WORLD. That is the very sad fact, that all images captured by them (published on their websites) are significantly never marked with the date the photo was taken, but the date (probable) of the pattern emergence. Try to find EXIF, where possible, among other, keep the right date and accurate time capturing picture in very easy to way, is absolutely impossible. EXIF is completely automatically assigned to any image anytime captured by digital camera, contains many details about the image (date, time, exposure, camera type) and conventional editing processes do to get it rid of. It is highly probable, that any documentarist of Crop Circles phenomenon not even know, that something like that exists, and if so, thus it from an incomprehensible reasons remove from each image, because they try to be more esoteric than the mysterious castle in Carpathians. It remains so than completely any documentarian of Crop Circles phenomenon ask, whether should it be possible to add this to their existing web photo album databases. At least the one and most important, the real capture date a photo. The value of their web pages would then be immediately increased by at least an estimated 10 000%.


A positive exception from that rule is Klaus Leidorf. The only reason for this is quite understandable fact, that he is primarily Mr. Photographer Klaus Leidorf, outstanding professional in the area especially of aerial photographs. Crop Circle photos are for him almost a by-product.


Despite described difficulties is sometimes, though very rarely,  possible to execute some similar observation. Sometime it happens, that photographers actions take place at different times. Although the real date any of that photo was captured is from their web sites never possible to find, as already mentioned, at least approximately something can be estimated from the state of vegetation. Such cases will be placed here.




















This page was prepared, and all the facts and theories presented here were very thoroughly, closely and in detail experimentally examined by


Jan Ledecky


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