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lightning discharge
Health Hazard Effects
In the field, where the lightning hit, expectable a number dangerous poisons: CO, EDP, Psychoactive Compounds
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Crop circles

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Crop Circles, Crop figures, Health Hazard Effects

Very serious warning !!!  You are visiting any Crop Circle place at your own risk. There may be present high concentrations of really very dangerous poisons, mostly CO (Carbon Monoxide - Invisible Killer). Also carbon dioxide, risk organic poissons, complicated Carbon and Silicium compounds.

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Discharge of lightning, which transmits in the case of above-average specimens such a quantity of energy, thanks to that would a lot loaded freight train circle several times around the globe, is able to produce such a great quantity of underground toxic chemicals, that would be able to intoxicate and kill population of entire cities. Only due to the fact that they are released toward the surface very slowly, and also because the vast majority of them are very reactive agents, that within a few centimeters of movement through underground structures immediately react with the surroundings and with each other and thanks to that the vast majority of them (fortunately) recombines to form products considerably less dangerous or completely non-toxic. This is one of the main reasons, to that a lot of people, who have ever visited Crop Circles, owe for that thay are still alive.


Typical symptoms of certain poisoning

However, quite a number of toxic substances in the underground may continue to reside, during visit any observer. It is possible to observe that some people in these places behave in very unusual ways.

"Someones are in shape meditating, others praying, someone snuffling ground etc.."


For example, one of the most famous observer of the phenomenon known as crop circles, Lucy Pringle, describes on one or two pages of her website quite right typical symptoms of people poisoned by sublethal doses of deadly toxic compounds or drugs, is possible to ask about that any toxicologist.


Anyway, all of them are under the influence, there may occur and affect Carbon Monoxide - CO (and very likely it is really there). Many described symptoms are similar to that from toxicological publications, as if they were copied from there.


Also there may be an excess of carbon dioxide CO2, present so that observers can easily be choked a little, and consequences in this case can be very similar to the effects of drugs. Symptoms also described in toxicological publications. (normal content in the air -  0,03%; 2% - first symptoms of poisoning, 5% - headache, 20% - death).


The main reason, why CO and CO2 may at the place most likely occur, is the fact, that in the underground would be a large amount of organic material burn away: plant residues, humus, roots of trees slaughtered long ago. The material in the underground can still burn even during visits of some observers, like the pile in the production of wood coal, with all the consequences thereof. Increased content CO and CO2 on that described site may cause to anyone who is present there. It is clearly documented and known fact, that animals brought there by some of that explorers, behave very alarmed. Probably it would be helpful if ther wore a canary in a cage (see Red Dwarf, episode...)


Very strong recommendation for all Crop Circle visitors anytime in the future. Take there CO and CO2 concentration meters in the air, or just prefer to invite a workers of a Toxicology Laboratory.


Sometime later, here will be reported more symptoms, that is not possible to apply only as an effect of CO and CO2. Metallic taste, also described on the website L.P., that is typical for example when lead poisoning (whose compounds in the field would be really difficult to find). The same effect may appear also due to some organic compounds, that would be created in soil exposed to enormous energy, high voltage, electrolysis and thermochemical processes.


See for example Lucy Pringle pages. Decades repeatedly accompanies those interested in places, where may appear high concentrations of Extremely Dangerous Poisons, what can be relatively easily detected from described symptoms (some of them are really very typical for drug abusement). Toxicologists will similar activity definitely not praise. As well as a local sawbones, which was likely sometimes been consulted about the effects of exposure that local conditions to "guinea pigs" going there.


Pilots who showered Chernobyl reactor by sand from a helicopter when they staggered after three overflights from a helicopter and walked into the bushes to vomit, described just a metallic taste. It is possible only ask those who survived to the present days.


Also possible, that in the soil due to electrolysis, high-voltage and high-temperature dissociation is created considerable amounts of of atomic hydrogen, is known to react much more readily and may induce emergence of a variety of hazardous compounds for plant and animal organisms. Part of it may be present for a short time as a plasma.


Certainly it is very easily verifiable fact that on the site affected by lightning may occur many "very specific compounds", free radicals, compounds of any elements present in the soil with high oxidation numbers, that there are usually absent. They are generally considerably always more toxic, thanks to much higher redox potential: without oxygen  in the form of O2 life would not exist, while all its compounds, where is more than divalent are highly toxic. There may occur also ozone O3 and its reaction products, gaseous silicates and other substances, very harm to health. It is interesting that the security authorities in this respect have not yet started closer interest in this issue. Flower children of drug squats with are visiting that places as if there was distributed beer free of charge - free of charge, gratis, gratuitously, buckshee. Her Majesty might have activated some of her Secret Services, James Bond just has nothing to do, not to mention of inspector Clouseau.


As already mentioned on other pages of this site, the best characteristic of activities, that the vast majority of Crop Circles visitors are quite unwittingly indulging in, is "exposition to sublethal doses of deadly poisonous chemicals", which in most cases almost indistinguishable from the effects of drug exposure. All the drugs are actually deadly poisonous substances (for example nicotine, alcohol), served in sublethal doses. They state man into the condition in which death is much closer to him than in other circumstances (someone says adrenaline), and speed freaks are happy to indulge in this situation, also repeatedly.


There's nothing for all visitors in the Crop Circles around the world than strongly warn to really put a lot of attention. They had to have, yet very subliminally, and above all completely unwittingly, poised to become one of the speed freaks (more precisely, those of them who are not yet). The good news for them may be the message, that after reading and understanding this information they can already continue to quite deliberately.


Symptoms of poisoning by carbon monoxide

At 20 % concentration of carboxyhemoglobin are reported headaches, tightness in the chest, at 40-50% is added nausea, desire to vomiting and headaches are becoming more significant. Become visual disturbances, behavioral changes. Over 50 % victim falls into a coma, hypotension, mydriasis, arrhythmia may occur. After carbon monoxide poisoning are reported personality disorders and memory, may develop organic psychosyndrome

Lékařská první pomoc, Pokorný J., Galén 2005, p.231 (Medical first aid)


Other sources:

The vast majority of symptoms of poisoning by Carbon Monoxide (CO) are nonspecific problems, same as other other common diseases (colds, beginning with viral infection, intestinal problems, food poisoning, stroke, etc.)

Among other things, often comes also palpitations, and arrhythmias.


Symptoms of staying in an environment with increased content of CO2

hyperventilation, warmly sweaty skin, headaches, hypertension, dullness, inability of clear thinking, coma and convulsions

(Note: in the case of some individuals may dullness and inability of clear thinking mean quite unspecific symptom, which does not depend at all with increased content CO2 in an environment)



Metallic taste: as typical example lead poisoning, but also many organic poisons, not containing any metal. For example, after rattlesnake bite.

Encyclopedia of Toxicology, Wexler et al.,  p. 142

ISBN13: 9780127453545


biguanides (p. 272): vomiting, nausea, abdominal cramps, loss of appetite, intolerance to certain foods, satiety, photosensitivity, indigestion, dysgeusia (metallic taste), mental confusion and lethargy


Cyklofosfamid (Cytoxan – Bristol-Myers Squibb Oncology; Neosar – Pharmacia)

(p. 396, Appendix 2; used in chemotherapy)

Acute toxicity: Nausea and vomiting; Type 1 (anaphylactoid) hypersensitivity; facial burning and metallic taste; visual blurring

Delayed toxicity:Bone marrow depression; alopecia; hemorrhagic cystitis; sterility (may be temporary); pulmonary infiltrates and fibrosis; hyponatremia; leukemia; bladder cancer; inappropriate ADH secretion; cardiac toxicity; amenorrhea


Coprin - active substance of Coprinus 

Symptoms: Metallic taste, facial burning, tremor, vomiting and diarrhea

(Speciální toxikologie.pdf, Ing. Martin Adam, Ph.D.)


CO: (Lullman - Farmakologie a toxikologie)

dizziness, tinnitus, exhaustion, mydriasis (p. 581)

CO2: (p. 592) During increased concentrations evolves tachypnoe, headaches, perspiration, restlessness, confusion and increased excitability. May follow apathy, convulsions and coma.


Oh, my God, oh, my God, oh damned! That's chilling, really gooseflesh...

Gupta, R.C., Handbook of Toxicology of Chemical Warfare Agents, Elsevier 2009, ISBN: 978-0-12-374484-5, p. 593

read it for yourself, by your own, please.



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This page was prepared, and all the facts and theories presented here were very thoroughly, closely and in detail experimentally examined by


Jan Ledecky


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