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lightning discharge
Crop Circles - Links
Directory of links with interesting information about current research phenomenon Crop Circles.
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Crop circles

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Crop Circles, Crop figures, Links to interesting webs



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Many thanks to, the only one CC-research page,

that register weather and some other conditions, before any Crop Circles was found, if possible. (rain, storm, thunderstorm, sounds, BOL, lights, lightnings, thunders).

Also many helpful observations after.


If someone wants to know objectively something about the crop circle issues, is probably the most feasible way (in czech language) visit the blog of Libor Cermak, the pages dedicated to the issue of crop circles - fundamentally does not bother by any phantasmagoric theories. The only disadvantage is the fact, that from the point of view of a common user directs the vast majority of links from previous years 'to nowhere ', because they are linked to the, whose pages are except for the current year only available to subscribers (among them he certainly belongs). It's not something especially significant mistake and his pages have not reduced their value by that. Who has a real interest of a specific pattern, somewhere on the internet will find it.


Another objective news serves iDnes blog of Mrs. Plíšková, also administrating the with almost identical content. For instance

Author namely clearly thinks in somewhat another direction, to the conviction of an alien power and connectivity, and various ethereal forces and beings, but nothing to diminish the objectivity of reporting from the Czech on the mentioned site for Czech patterns. Just could somewhat diminish too often implied contempt for "boys astronomical", who are "dabbling" some figures. They are not really making that, and a  fact, that anyone ever did a single attempt (or stupidity), need not necessarily lead to do it repeatedly. In the header is noteds that Crop Circles are a  "tests, by which extraterrestrial civilizations evaluate the level of humanity's". As a rational person, Mrs. Tiffany certainly would be persuaded about an other options for creation.


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Some other interesting Crop Circle links:


And many more, other Crop Circle links


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This page was prepared, and all the facts and theories presented here were very thoroughly, closely and in detail experimentally examined by


Jan Ledecky


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