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Crop Circles (crop circles)

 Motto: Very much crop circles resemble a PC simulation of electromagnetic  fields. Even a single one, separate circle. That is why because they are really  created by ElectroMagnetic Field lines of force from lightning discharges.


(Foto imaginem nexum, prout)Aliquam et MMXIII tempore messis orbis ultimum

2013-12-30USAChualar farm, Salinas, CA 36.584871,-121.473678 detail

Short CATHOLICA - basic explicatione, initialem informacionibus circa seges circulorum

Crop Circles (crop circles)


Correction (characteristic):

Even if any message down these pages would look like to be absolutely sure, there should be placed an introductory sentence before that

Is possible, that...

Possibly would be proved, that...

Presumably possible...

Some (many) observations (experiments) may imply, that...

Absolutely sure beeing right maybe only stupid, silly, pinhead, bighead or bigmouth.

So, which one of them, damned?


Enim basic introductio historica perspectivae ex eventu seges circulum est possibilis ad visitandum website Wikipedia - Crop circle. Plerumque explicationes, licet fere in caditque amet Pseudoscience (Junk science), ie, pertinere ad Category:Pseudoscience, nunc notitiam saltem prima opinio tanquam a tota res.


Potissimum demonstratur haec ratio inculcavit et illud aut hoc ipsum elit, non utique de his actibus humanis conceptibus aut agros Esotericism, Parapsychology, Psychotronics, Paranormal phaenomena, Ufology, Spiritismus, Astrologia, Occult, Numerology, Oracle, Superstition.

Fide in alienigenis, Extraterrestrial life, quos possidet Extraterrestrials in fiction, Astrobiology, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, Res volans ignota, Military disc-shaped aircraft, Patella volans, advenae Spatium (astronomia), Universum, Galaxias, Via Lactea.

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