Crop circles - Science versus pseudoscience RSS channel of web defeating pseudoscience and junk science en Crop circles 2013 - news The most comprehensive archive of 2013 crop circles in 2013. GPS also included. Many repaired and very accurately corrected photos linked from there. Crop circles 2013 The year 2013 is very interesting, both from the viewpoint of interested, as well as impartial observers. Is possible to observe very clearly, almost extreme decrease in the number of total crop circles found, just only something between 10-20% of the number from the past years. Not only in England, but also throughout the rest of the whole world. This fact may have a number of causes. News about crop circles explanation. Electromagnetic waves from lightning, their resonances and interferences. Crop circles explanation, completely and only scientific and natural. Science and education against pseudoscience and superstitions. Mentioned and used a number of scientific disciplines - botany, physics, chemistry, plant anatomy and physiology, phytopathology, abiotic stress factors, archeology (also aerial), meteorology and many other