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lightning discharge
 Crop Circles Domino
Bundles of plants, supporting one another, more and more weak, fall down like dominoes
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Crop circles

Without additional funding may Greece write off debts. This may cause a domino effect in countries like Spain, Italy and Portugal
Europe should not underestimate that domino effect could be triggered by the debt crisis in Greece. E.Venizelos
Spain is not Greece, but the markets fear a domino effect  (

Crop Circles, Crop figures, domino effect

Domino effect is probably the fundamental reason, why are Crop Circles appearing so quickly, sometime probably within minutes, at most tens minutes to hours. Explorers terribly shocked, terrified of that.

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During a certain period after lightning discharge are created in affected places groups of weakened plants, most of which are still standing up, as described in more detail on the page describing the effects water surface tension. At the moment when the potential energy and angle only one of that many groups overcomes force, that keeps it upright, does not last longer than a few seconds the process, during that it jumps to the ground. During that it touches one or several surroundings, that all jumps down in a similar way like dominoes, The Domino Effect. But because one group may cause by its falling (average) falling down of more then one another (estimate something between 1.2 to 1.3), possible such a phenomenon compare with a chain reaction (nuclear, chemical chain reaction is far more just like a domino effect, such as reaction of radicals, chain polymerization)


One of the many reasons why bundles of stalks may be interestingly assembled one over each other, could probably be a domino effect. Corresponds to a few very rare, although unverified testimonies of people who actually by their own eyes observed the creation of a pattern. Their description of that situation was in such a case with this theoretical presumption in a very precious understanding. Again, however, need to be repeated that the actual creation of patterns, exposure occurred in most cases many weeks before, and they followed up the final effect when, after many days of gradual weakening crop stalks finally collapsed to the ground.


Accidental observers with an open jaw muzz mouth

If such a process takes only a few minutes, and is observed by random accident observers with an open muzz mouth is quite logical, that they were absolutely not understanding, what was really happening there during their observation and what all preceded that before. Is quite logical that they are quite unable even join the ongoing action with the storm, which took place a month ago or longer.


Effect of wind

Another phenomenon, that random observers are totally unable understand, is the fact, that between falling crop stalks seems to slowly move a mysterious whirlwind, raising dust, that would look like to be seemingly the pattern on that place creating. It is necessary to realize above all, that in the case of paterns, formed of several circles with a diameter of over ten meters, is falling to the ground relatively quickly many hundreds of kilograms of material from an average height round 50 cm, in case of larger shape it may be up to several tons. Such rapid movement of material already causes some swirling of air. Hundreds of cubic meters, the rate of at least 5 to 10 km per hour, even more. Clouds of swirling dust above all that, moving around above the places, where the crop is just falling down to the ground. Even because the temporarily created "dominoes" from the crop (see the Water Surface Tension Effect) are falling really into a circle shape, no matter whether Clockwise or Anticlockwise rotating, airflow caused by them would indeed be almost inevitably resemble and behave like a real circular whirlwind. Anyone who watches something like that, may the event really consider as a supernatural phenomenon.


Circular Stories, Facts and Figures

There are around two dozen eye-witness accounts of crop circles forming. All describe similar events; an invisible force coming out of nowhere in otherwise calm conditions and spinning the crops down within seconds, usually with surprising violence - yet little damage is found in the laid crop. Tornado-like funnels, light phenomena and high-pitched whistling sounds have also been reported(*).


Biological Change Crop circle formations often appear in canola (oil seed rape) fields. This plant has a consistency like celery(**). If the stalk is bent more than 45-degrees, it snaps apart. Yet, in a "genuine" crop circle formation the stalks are often bent flat at 90-degrees. No botanist or other scientist has been able to explain this, nor has it ever been duplicated by a human being(***).


(*) lighting effects and sounds are or will be in a much greater extent explained on the page or subsections of Anomalies


(**) in the early growth stage; but later much larger and stronger round 1.2 - 1.5 m high, stem diameter more 20 mm, and for a long time before the harvest forms very dense almost impenetrable thicket formed of plants, in which a man without a machete could move at a few tens of meters per hour and may be passed through only by combine harvester; note J.L.


(***) 9th of October 2011 performed experiments with the passage of electric current through oilseed rape plants (sowing summer 2011 after potatoes). Results should appear within a few days. It will be the first successful similar attempt in the world performed on a kind of rape plants. No, did not, damaged by tractor during manure fertilization. No matter, will be repeated soon.


Another canola (oilseed rape) differenciess

Due to the different mechanical constitution of canola is likely almost not to apply domino effect in its vegetation to such an extent, or in a little different way. On the other hand the differences in colors during the flowering period will enable emergence of that patterns in full beauty of the green color image on a yellow background (thanks to delays in growth and flowering in plants affected by the electricity), and later in the form of the same, but negative image of yellow color on green background, when unaffected areas are already faded away back into the green, and affected areas only beginning to turn yellowing by flowers. Such a color image may occur without any lodging (damaging, weakening), or even long before that. The rape is also likely to be, that during the patterns creation may not even be lodged (damaged, weakened) at all, affected plants only show changes in the time of flowering, maybe also growth retardation. Of course there are areas of lodged (damaged, weakened) rape, but in this case it is only slowly bending to the groung (also possible more quickly) whole tangled web of plants at a time, not in the bunches. To the ground are rape plants bending almost simultaneously, as a relatively continuous, but weakened thicket. Also possible that plants  is lodged (damaged, weakened) subsequently after the geometric shape was first displayed during the flowering period. Sometime also even after fading down may begin to show more significantly growing differencies - canola plants affected and damaged by electricity will grow significantly less, may be up to tens of percent.



A unique phenomena on a common crop (Poaceous)

Wheat, barley, rye, oats, triticale

On the other hand, although very rarely, sometimes appear in the crop patterns, not lodged (damaged, weakened), only those plants have lower growth. This happens, for example, when lightning discharge hits a field early time after germination, or just during that. Plants that were affected, but survived, show significantly lower growth. Of course, vegetation on the affected area show significantly less density, because lightning hit nearly not all plants survive. Show picture from Canada. Stems do not become lodged (damaged, weakened), because, at the time of the lightning discharge they did not exist yet, and their tissues could be affected and weakened by the currents conducted through them. Exhibit lower growth because soil contains chemicals caused by lightning discharges, some of them may be harmful, thus there appears a partial retardation of growth. Therefore, it is also possible that the lightning, which caused similar effects could occur before germination, or even before planting.


Refinement of shapes

One of the very probable consequences of domino effect can be quite significant refine of the shape of the resulting patterns, such as circle, as well as other shapes. It will be demonstrated on a simple model - not very accurate circle.



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This page was prepared, and all the facts and theories presented here were very thoroughly, closely and in detail experimentally examined by


Jan Ledecky


Greece has got 110 billion Europe rescue package, with zero payback. Domino cubes are likely to have begun falling down long time ago. People standing on them and immediately below will not be able to realize it for a long time. First and foremost, Mr. "Sharkezy" and Mrs. Merkel, who themselves provoked them falling down, trying to climb them up.