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lightning discharge
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Crop circles

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Crop Circles, Crop figures, Electrophytopathology

Repeatability and verifiability (also falsifiability), the greatest killers of any pseudosciences.


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The passage of electric currents through plants may cause damages in their various tissues, depending on the intensity of exposure. Already very small doses may cause weakness, noticeably similar, for example, longer lasting effects of drought. Unlike that deepens and the plant weakens almost continuously until harvest. The plant can not, with few exceptions, sufficiently to get rid of toxins, created inside it. During the drought effects in plants, harmfull substances do not increase, and plants shortly affected by drought are able to recover immediately, once the drought is over, within a few minutes to hours. Only if the effects of drought last for a longer time and their effects were irreversible and tissues died, may die the whole plant. If there were preserved meristems, especially in growing tips, plant can successfully complete the ripening cycle, because even highly dried tissues are still able to perform the function of vascular tissue and to provide metabolism between the roots and growing meristems.


Also possible to consider, that after even a slight effect of electric currents may be some cells immediately completely destroyed (high concentrations of toxic products), so wither away. On the phenomena described (meant cellular damage, especially cell-walls, but also the concentration of created harmful substances) it is possible apply the classical methods for evaluating the harmful effects. It depends on the intensity of damage to plants (cells), how many percent are affected by toxins or mechanically damaged, and how they are able to deal with it then.


Meanwhile is possible from the preliminary estimates and experiments to establish, that after the passage of 1 joule of electrical energy that passed through the plant, is totally destroyed about 3 grams of plant material (estimate of 1 g dry weight, whereas that from the first experiments also show that different plants damaged material corresponds approximately to their conversed dry matter). Experiments of course will be necessary repeated many times, use a different potential difference and currents and ultimately at least some statistical evaluation. Then it would be impossible to talk about a qualified estimate of the quantitative effects of determined amounts of electricity to the destruction of plant tissues. For now they may be called rather as approximate qualitative character tests.


In addition, several tests were performed on identical plant material, testing the destruction of plant tissues by heat. It was just a momentary flame intervention, without changing the color and shape of plant tissue - only "nondestructive" heating. Of course, nondestructive only visually (tissues remained green), all the affected cells were immediately completely dead. Yet throughout the remaining life of the plants (vegetation period) are able successfully perform all necessary functions of vascular tissues, and live tissue that is by the part of dead tissue from the rest of the plant completely separated, survives until it normally withers away during the process of ripening or plant development. Similar attempts of some plant parts "separation" (a part of the sheet or the entire sheet) from the rest of living plant through the effects of electricity on some part of the plant, were carried out with completely identical results. Pictures later here.


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This page was prepared, and all the facts and theories presented here were very thoroughly, closely and in detail experimentally examined by


Jan Ledecky


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