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lightning discharge
Weakening stems effect
Bezprostředně po výboji blesku jsou miliony stébel zasaženy značným množstvím elektrické energie
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Crop Circles, Crop figures, Weakening Stems Effect

Motto: Weakening of stems before lodging (bending the stems to the ground surface) may last for weeks

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Immediatelly after the Lightning Discharge there appear millions of crop stalks (or any other plants, the quantity depending on seeding density) affected by a great amount of electricity. They may be very significantly damaged, many of them so much, that quite inevitably die after a certain time, but from the beginning there is almost absolute impossible observe anything like that. All such plants are several hours, in some cases several days or longer, quite indistinguishable from plants completely unaffected and healthy. Also many plants, really immediately after lightning died, are several days quite indistinguishable from that unaffected and healthy.


Better brewing, malt, beer, whisky, barley, brewery.


Weakening stems effect

(including leaves and whole plants, of course)

The effect was named only simplified as Weakening Stems, because only stems are bending to ground, but the effect of weakening affects whole plant. On leaves, for instance, much more earlier and easily observable. But in most of cases are consequences observed after as much as cmpletely lodged (damaged, weakened). On individual plants, also their groups may be consequences observed much earlier, just thanks to faded leafs. Of course depends on the type of plant. This phenomenon is observable very good mainly on barley. There is even possible to observe another effect, too early inclined spikes. Barley ear, as well as with other cereals during ripening turns to the 180°, from the initial position vertically straight up to completely down. Electric current conduction through the plant this process significantly accelerates. This is due to weaker mechanical structure of barley straw in comparison with other cereals. Also to flattening (damaging, weakening) resists noticeably less. 


As for Crop Circles, are registered almost without exception after complete lodging (damaging, weakening). In several cases (including one in 2011 - barley) were reported Crop Circles at the stage when plants or most of them were not lying on the ground, there were just faded leaves, and another position of the ear (larger angle to the ground). Observers did not even bother to comment on this fact.


Better malt, brewing, beer, brewery, whiskey, barley.


Barley against other crop features once more a very interesting property, very good observability of the difference in angle of the ear to the ground at different groups of plants in one field, it is very much evident on color when viewing or photographing from a distance also as an aerial view. For example, whereas rape is characterized by a period of high contrast - flowering of approximately only two weeks, Barley is characterized by very significant color contrasts almost from full heading until harvesting. Very significantly differ all stages from each other - before and after full heading, before, during and after flowering and continued to offer a large color contrasts and changes as well as all angle positions of the ear. In the case of the ear angle may play on the phenomena of a different color light interference, depending on the angle of awns, the field is thus actually to some extent, acts as a diffraction grating, used to spread the light in the color spectrum. (photo macro micro, awns, grating) In all described cases the differences are very noticeable in both observation and photographing from a distance as from above. Barley fields are likely to appear as one of the most usable cereal for cropmarks observations in the air archeology. On the majority of aerial photographs is also possible safely distinguish them from others.


Better beer, barley, malt, brewing, whisky, brewery.


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This page was prepared, and all the facts and theories presented here were very thoroughly, closely and in detail experimentally examined by


Jan Ledecky


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