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lightning discharge
Crop Circles Forecasting
where and when Crop Circles appear is almost impossible. Determine where they will not appear is possible.
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Crop circles

The scientist is a lover of truth for the very love of truth itself, wherever it may lead.  Luther Burbank
Prediction is very difficult, especially if it's about the future.          N. Bohr
Science is always wrong, it never solves a problem without creating ten more.           G. B. Shaw

Crop Circles, Crop figures, possibility of forecasting

This page will describe some of the possibilities of predicting (non)occurrence (ir)regular shapes in the future. Here will be pronounced predictions accompanying phenomena, which should be in future whenever possible in connection with the discovery of Crop Circles patterns in crop to prove or disprove.

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On this page will not appear predictions of when and where those circles appear

They will be appearing here forecasts resulting from various observations, the so-called predictions, invaluable helpers of science and research. Some of their forms can also be called prognosis, but the term prediction is fully sufficient. What is it?


Basically, the prediction is a form of forecasting, based on some form of objective observations, which makes it possible to reach some conclusion. This is not because of any delusions or fabrications, pronounced by all sorts of mystery-believers "capabilities" which have almost without exception, one thing in common: it is not possible them at all in any way neither confirm nor refute.


Similar theories might therefore all mystery-believers stick together in their mystery man assholes.


Here pronounced predictions will all, without exception, be based on verifiable logical assumptions, and generally will not at any time in the future prevent themselves in any way to be confirmed or refuted on the contrary.


Predictions is possible to check retrospectively, ie to use their application to cases that have already occurred in past and to check whether it would be possible that predictions by such cases have been confirmed or refuted.


Prediction No. 1

Genuine Crop Circles will never appear on the site where it was not preceded by a storm, more precisely, where the lightning discharge did not hit in the field exactly at the point where it later appeared circles or any other regular patterns.


The statement that they are genuine Crop Circles generated by the lightning discharge is a prediction of the previous inseparably accompanying phenomenon. Anyone who wants to refute such a claim, has the possibility. It will be a need of really a lot of work, hard work, but the possibility exists. Anyway it is a perfectly objective phenomenon that can be quite fully confirmed or disproved, and there are quite objective technical resources to enable it.


Another, additional or consequential formulations: Genuine Crop Circles will be found only where the field was just exactly at that point affected by the lightning discharge. They would never be discovered before the first spring storm, or somewhere where the storm was not them at all.


Prediction No. 2

Stalks at the point of genuine Crop Circles will never bend to the ground consequently, that on them just in that moment operated some locally concentrated mechanical or any other power. The shape was created within them already long before, and are bending to the ground just where that shape was created by damaging and as a result of that weakening stalks. They will be bending to the ground only due to the fact that they will be weakened. Better to say, will be so weakened that they will be able bend to the soil surface due to much weaker forces, to which undamaged healthy stems are able to withstand without any problems (up to 100 times stronger and more mechanically resistant, able to withstand more 100 times greater forces).


Blades of the location of the patterns will be so weakened that they might not even be able to carry their own weight. Usually on them may act forces significantly greater (combined weight of a bundles of many stalks, Domino Effect, weight of stalks increased more than twice by the moisture from dew or rain, the effects of wind.


Weakening of the stalks in the patterns can be verified by mechanical tests, and it is completely the same weakening of stalks which occurs (will occur) at any lodged (damaged, weakened) crop in the world, as well as completely irregularly. It is flattened (damaged, weakened) from the very same reason, weakening caused by the passage of electricity delivered to that point by the lightning discharges, even in some cases only by the induction.


Prediction No. 3

In the case that will be discovered soon enough after the discharge of lightning that created them, will be possible at every point of the Crop Circles occurrence by thermal imagery detect and thus verify the presence of residual energy delivered by the by electric discharge, temporarily stored underground as accumulated heat. In the advanced stage of research will be possible to identify the field, which was hit by lightning, using thermal cameras just after the storm and so there is an increased likelihood that those crop will bend down. In addition, there are also other ways to find the place where lightning hit, with an accuracy of tens of meters, and photogrammetry will enable something similar with an accuracy of centimeters.


Prediction No. 4

Sooner or later, will be photographically captured lightning, which hit exactly the place where it was later created a regular pattern in the crop. Most likely, this will happen in good old England. To encourage the efforts of stormchasers is at this point declared that:

The first Lightning Discharge photographer, who will succesfully capture a snap or make video of the Lightning Discharge, that landed exaxtly in the point, where later consequently came into existence a regullar pattern, Crop Circle, will be richly rewarded. Approximate fee estimated will be more than one million dollars.

In addition to immortal glory of being the first in the world who succeeded in something like that, will receive from the hands of this contribution author a pocket of earthworms (candy), and true self-made false signature of this essay author, glued together from the letters cut out from Red's Rights (commies sheet from 80's). Stormchasers of all countries around the whole world, unite!


With photographing of lightning discharges are dealing a number of specialists around the world. See, eg, Google (stormtrackers, stormchasers). It is a subbranch of their interest, tracking extreme weather. Some of them even operate photography and monitor lightnings as entirely preferred, the main interest. As an addition, such observations, measurements, documentation, monitoring and records of extreme weather is also engaged in an entirely official scientific discipline called hydrometeorology.


Prediction No. 5

In the case that will be discovered soon enough after the discharge of lightning that created them, will be on the location of some crop circles or other regular patterns entirely demonstrably qualitatively and quantitatively detected and verified increased concentrations of very dangerous, even deadly toxic chemicals. First of all, CO2, CO, but probably some others, much worse (HCN), and some organic highly dangerous chemicals. Maybe also compounds of silicon, organophosphates (but not originating from the treatment plant herbicides and pesticides)


In places with commonly lodged (damaged, weakened) crop will be found plants completely indistinguishable symptoms, which are found in the patterns


Prediction: If CropCircleMakers do not leave immediately and unconditionally their insane activities, will sooner or later one of them found at the crime scene killed by the lightning discharge, the only true and legitimate author of Crop Circles. They were warned.


maybe develop something like a partial global forecast Crop Circles - never and nowhere else than where they were thunderstorms and with heavily lightnings, and they occur mainly in the vicinity of artificial and natural lightning conductors - electric lines, eng. networks, manure, trees, shrubs, ground water source


(also in physics), yet probably do best if we do not attempt to invent a different kind of stupid. When simply nature instead of that "allow" or leave, the ability to create a variety of regular and fractal structures. Nature itself tells us sometimes, how it really does. If we have a little luck, maybe some of us succeed in mathematically modelling its ability using some simulation programs. To begin will be completely enough explanation of some little things inseparably accompanying figures, in the past and future (partial, derived prediction of accompanying phenomena)


Next into predictions: electromagnetism, static electricity. Predict something that is long known, is dishonest and unsportsmanlike, would say Mirek Dušín. But to those foolish mystery followers it was already need into of those their half-empty hammered poppies someone had to fill in when they already failed to link it by themselves. (... Uman ... The Lightning Discharge ...) It was just enough to ask. One is of those "experts" from around the world who are so glad institutions representing "expertise" of their research, almost a little sorry. But it is unfortunately only confirm that they never even bothered studying any professional literature. In this case, really did not have to bother much. Page 7 is really rather more at a beginning of the book.


"can anyone predict their appearance" - more to 1. It is not possible to predict exactly when, where exactly and what precisely figures in the fields appear. Instead, it is also possible to predict many phenomena inseparably accompanying, the discovery of patterns that will precede, accompany and follow. It is also very easily to explain why. All these phenomena have a single common feature. Totally integrally with one of the phenomena, inextricably linked with the lightning discharge. It is thus possible to predict fairly precisely what is in connection with the discovery of the so-called Genuine Crop Circles in the future anywhere in the world take place in their place, what will be found there and why.


cracked stones


Lines in the crop -

1. straight

2. according to the tractor tracks in the middle between them seeding density is very accurately determined, and if things do not go wrong, the plants grow without problems, very evenly and without lodging (damaging, weakening). Lightning discharge into the field it goes wrong enough, "planted in the field" number of harmful chemicals. Plants for many weeks before that grew exactly in accordance with the amount of nutrients in the soil, and if the the lightning discharge did not occurr in the field, in their very regular grid would be divided between them the nutrients exactly what they need. After the discharge of lightning, however, are plants on a large area damaged, and electricity comes to them mainly through the tracks on the tractor, and is so evenly distributed over a large area. Most are damaged plants, to which the electricity came from both sides, exactly halfway between the tracks. Plants are then trying to get rid of inappropriate chemicals, and where they are most, they are doing it badly. Agronomy, crop rotation, fertilization, care and sowing density - everything is computed on the highest yields, and it's time-tested, are also being continuously bred new varieties.


"The holes for the pin"




dead animals


Updating and expanding patterns over time,


the state preceding lodging (damaging, weakening)



Halfprediction - admits the possibility of some failure:

Well-known Chinese symbol of yin - yang comes from observations of crop circles and redraw their forms in antiquity. It is almost inconceivable that it could be otherwise. Sooner or later it will be possible to confirm that opinion by studies of file materials. It will not, although in the true sense of the literal written a paper filing material, but such records chiseled in stone. Just possible look for. Perhaps it will be possible sometime in the future to prove that during a certain kind of controlled directed explosion, during which most likely falls into one place the positive (yin) and near the negative (yang) lightning discharge (more precisely Return Stroke, also exist bipolar lightning), they can in their surroundings to create an instantaneous air vortices, and especially such an electromagnetic field that a similar pattern might arise.








Part 2



Is possible, forecast the creation of genuine Crop Circles?

To some extent yes, though of course not quite exactly..

First, it is possible to predict when and where they will not appear. Never will appear where there was not a storm and the field was not hit by lightning. Of course, much more often there will appear in such places quite irregularly flattened (damaged, weakened) crop. Worldwide may be estimated approximately one million more cases also areas than those found in regular patterns. Approximately 10% of the total sown area annually. If there during the "landing", the impact of any that huge energetic electrical discharge, into the crop field surface, become to likely more or less difficult to define and rather thanks to a random interplay of circumstances, may be created a regular pattern.


On the contrary the crop will almost be lodged (damaged, weakened) immediately after the discharge of lightning. It is also one of the most fundamental fact that most confuses or mistakes any potential explorers of lodged (damaged, weakened) crop. Whether they are some self-proclaimed "mysterium-explorers" of various types, ufologists etc. Or, conversely some people who would like try to look at the issue at least a little in terms of any real science or research. Real scientists and researchers paid attention to research on Crop Circles problematics only with a really great distance, because any serious research was through a variety of "professionals" such as named mysteria-explorers, ufologists and individuals dealing with various pseudo-sciences, sciolisms or quasi-sciences in a terrible way discredited. This all still in addition authorship of various patterns began to report all sorts of insane individuals of type D & D, that potentially would any serious research in this area even much more discredited. Possible to say, that by that were any further serious scientific researches in this area just really definitely, finally and permanently terminated. Some other individuals then mainly due to the fact that their insane minds were able transport other than the only one information that all the Crop Circles people work, really some rather primitive patterns created.


The fact that crop will bend to the ground much later than the event giving rise to it has caused is possible to call "Natural Mimicry". Much more details on the approximate timing and sequence of events that ultimately lead to lodging (damaging, weakening) crop, is located at Chronology.


Sometimes the lodging (damaging, weakening) of crop occurs in such a beautiful weather, what farmers would just imagine as the best for its cultivation. About the storm, that was in progress already several weeks ago, nobody is able to remember it. Conversely, just after the thunderstorm, even during the detailed inspection, the crop did appear that nothing happened, and hailstones did not fall. But just immediately after the storm had already been in fact "all prepared" for large lodging (damaging, weakening) of at least tens of meters from the point where the lightning ended, sometimes much more. Plants still look like that seemingly almost nothing happened, many days after the electric current passed through them, sometimes even just only induced. Even if through them passed such a great quantity of electric energy that they were completely and immediately killed by that.




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This page was prepared, and all the facts and theories presented here were very thoroughly, closely and in detail experimentally examined by


Jan Ledecky


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