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lightning discharge
Lines of lodged crop
lines of lodged, often dead crop or plants in a field formed exactly in the same way as patterns
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Crop circles

One sometimes finds what one is not looking for. A. Fleming
From a scientific point of view may be subjects divided in two groups: those we never need, findable anytime anywhere round us, and those we need just now, never able to find.
In the fields of observation chance favors only the prepared mind.  L.Pasteur

Straight lines are also

very regular patterns

Crop circle created by lightning with underground pipes
Straight lines of lodged or completely dead corn (and any other agricultural crops) are formed by very similar, almost identical manner, as any regular but also completely irregular patterns in any crop.

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Damaged, weak and lodged plants (maybe completely died)

Over the long lines may be created in all cases in a very similar way.

Due to conducting of the electric current through the plants, their root systems and soil in their immediate surrounding, but with significant contributions of conductive pathways in the underground. They increase the electrical conductivity, mainly the soil in the vicinity and above them, up to several orders of magnitude. Such tracks can be of natural origin, archaeological or industrial. The resulting lines may be of various lengths. From less than a meter to over a kilometer. It depends on the intensity of the discharge and character of accompanying underground lines - how they contribute to the dissipation of the currents underground. On some of them (very long) may participate several discharges, or sparks of the same discharge, or any subsequent RS of the same discharge, falling in places other than the first major RS (in exceptional cases may fall to hundreds of meters apart, even further). Participates in some way a manner, which creates a conductive link between the cloud and the ground, preceding the discharge, more detailed description will be for example here.


The vast majority of them will remain for the rest of the growing season completely unnoticed. Is not impossible that they are generated in a much greater extent, than so much admired regular patterns, but they were registered only in such a case, if they were a component of some such pattern. Otherwise, they are likely to be considered as a branch of the tramline, or path in the field.


Among the most interesting long lines in the field was called Line F. L. Vek between Opocno and Dobruska. References to shorter lines are already in mainpagee. These relate primarily probable underground pipelines, water mains or sewerages. The issue will be here at this place in time elaborated in more detail, with regard to the likely archaeological and geological causes.


Crop circle created by lightning with underground pipesTwo images in the header of this page relate to one such place, with demonstrably localised line (mentioned also in main page). The second was captured several weeks after the first, while the far right top of the page (this paragraph left photo) is a picture of grain "only" lodged (damaged, weakened) - but is probably completely dead. What was happening there, will be described much more detailed for instance on the page Chronology and subpages. On the picture under copyright (here right) is the crop completely dead and on the place was probably to find only its  with difficulty localizable and identifiable remains. The first photo is from the archive of Lucy Pringle, the second from A common feature almost without exception of all Crop Circles photos is fairly sad fact, that if they ever mentioned any date, there is only assigned to them information about the time of the pattern discovery, (in this case, date 23, respectively 22nd May 1998). The second was taken with probable interval at least a month from the first. No choice but politely, but also very strongly suggest to all explorers Crop Circles, that to every professionally taken photo absolutely inseparably belongs the date of its acquisition, as well as (or even much more) to any documentary photography acquired for purposes of scientific research. The date is for example included in the EXIF for each image since the days, when he bought their first digital cameras (but if they ever know what it 's EXIF). This very useful informations accompanying each photo image, unfortunately, are always during a way from their camera to their website "mysteriously losen". The best way for them not to do so. The informational value of of their websites would be from a professional point of view immediately increased by thousands of percent. If the finding of EXIF information, and knowing what is it, for them after all only unbeatable problem, would be quite sufficient the date of the photo acquire, this one most important information would be useful to increase the benefit of their websites to world scientific progress in exactly the same way. Of course, at least approximate GPS data are also very beneficial.


Similar cases, like they are in the header of this page, here on this site will be named the working title for now "localizable metal plate undergroundd"


Note: All own author's photographs on this site contain EXIF informations

(©,   © quick spigots). Applies also GPS data, if contained. All photos applied from other websites have, where possible, filled in EXIF information about the source - author, website. Among other things, serves as an indication to the authors of this site, and if not immediately set up a link directly to the source, will be there certainly added sometime in the near future. In addition, it was just established (December 2011) a special page Crop Circles - GPS, where they are gradually added GPS data to the greatest number of Crop Circles photos, that have ever been found around the world, including the location of approximate shape model as closely as possible into the terrain profile (Google Earth).


Winding paths

A second case of a paths in a fields are also lines created by electricity, but in this case they are not straight at all. These are variety of tortuous paths, heading nowhere to nowhere in the field, or seemingly from somewhere to somewhere. They appear (arise) very often for several days after the discovery of patterns, and every their observer thinks therefore, that somebody tracked it out there. Paths of course, are near some patterns tracked out, but most likely by no means all of them. This may be a completely random paths, created by the excess of the electric charge, that coined the journey away from there, more or less randomly, and they are often very tortuous. In the near future here will be placed in a number of such photographs, they are dozens available. Of course, by no means all paths on them must have been made by temporarily on the ground crawling lightning discharge, some of them would be really created by some "drunken sailors ", but certainly not all of them. They may be a totally random paths, created by excess of electric charge, who tried to get away from there, more or less randomly, and are often very tortuous. Completely the same tortuous as the meanders of the lightning discharge in the air. The accompanying photographs in this paragraph contain several pictures of such ground paths localized directly on the photographs Crop Circles, they are dozens of them available. Of course, not all such paths on them had to be made temporarily on the ground crawling lightning discharge, some of them could be really created by some "drunken sailors", but certainly by no means all of them. They may appear later after the pattern discovery (several days), that the residual discharge, crawling away from the impact site, has no longer enough energy, and therefore plants are not affected so intensively, as in the main pattern. Of course is not impossible even that some of such paths are after their discovery additionally extended by the visitors of patterns, who just simply thinks, that someone had pioneered them before. Even more, that they may not appear on the first documentary photographs recorded before, because they did not exist yet.


There is possible to find one case where it is really possible that from the lightning impact site and the creation of patterns progressed away a Ball Lighting. This will be described on some other page, especially in a place where it is explained that the ball lightning really need not to participate on creating regular patterns, on the page where is paid attention to ball lightnings. Of course, but it is not inconceivable that this way moved away classic discharge channel overground. It would be quite difficult to any of the possible options to prove. It is essential that at the site in a small height above the ground moved great electric charge. Click to enlarge, link follows the origina..


Straight lines over pipelines

Inseparably adherent to many Crop Circles, discovered in the past, but they were left without any interest, or remained completely unnoticed. They may pass right through the pattern, beside him, in smaller or larger distance from it. They may be located even in relatively large distance from the pattern (several hundred meters), on a completely different part of the field, so it may not even be considered as a part of the shape. They may occur on adjacent or even distant field, where is not at all regularly lodged (damaged, weakened) crop, even on the field where apart from them are not already any other lodged or dead crop at all. On the accompanying image of this paragraph is one of the most typical lines (one other already devoted some previous paragraph). For this line is exactly known GPS so that any doubters would the presence of the pipeline able see for themselves. Pipe passes under the road up into the next field, which probably was not at all affected by the lightning discharge, and the electricity got there just because of this pipeline. On the accompanying image is the part of the pipe on the second field displayed. It is the locality Stephen Castle Down, Hampshire, 20th June 2005. GPS 50.99468 -1.20285. Click to enlarge the picture (link to the original).


Also, because it sometimes does not have to appear right at the same time. It may be a number of days earlier, but also later. In some (probably fairly frequent cases) will not only grain in them be lodged (damaged, weakened), often completely dies. One of the reasons why to them are not paid almost any attention is the fact that the grain inside them is most probably dead so fast that it is not lodged (damaged, weakened), it dries standing. They arise just like any commonly flattened (damaged, weakened) corn - after weakening of grain due to lightning discharges in their vicinity. Very often receive a significantly higher dose of energy, than in the most common cases, thanks to electrically conductive structures underground. Quite often probably occurs such a phenomenon, when the plant (its above ground part) would the lightning hit survive with almost no damage (it is located in a relatively large distance from the discharge), its root system but entirely was killed or received such a great dose of electricity that it's absolutely inevitable tends to death. Her situation is rather similar to a plant, which is picked in a vase. It may also take a little longer than there will appear the effects of discharge on it. The surrounding plants may be lodged (damaged, weakened) before it starts to go dry. On the photo accompanying this paragraph, showing the state of barley above the underground water pipe, which was hit by lightning (water hydrant in the background). Plants are totally killed, such a quickly that were not able to flatten. But after a few days, there was no sign about their precedent presence.


Artifacts in the underground

It would be a mistake not to include in this page another part of the regular patterns, that alone would have been completely not registered. Assigned a few shots where can be seen in the vicinity of patterns some unidentifiable objects, which are attributed to a variety of magic, the cult, astrological and God knows what other graphic meanings. Similar articles would certainly be possible to find on other  Crop Circles photographs a great number. Many of them is certainly in the absence of regular patterns left without any publicity. These are objects that lie undisturbed in the underground for many years, and are displayed in a similar way every time in close proximity of a lightning strike (tens of meters). It's not very often, because in high latitudes, where the figures appear, occurs annually on average to 2-3 lightning hits per km2, less than half may be outside growing season, so hit the enclosure into the field when there is nothing more growing, and so each such object will wait to be displayed again at minimum 10-20 years or longer, maybe 100. But as already mentioned, if there does not appear simultaneously in their vicinity a large regular pattern, such an event will take place entirely without any publicity. Certainly possible, that many of such visualisation appear in proximity of any regular pattern, and absolutely no interest results from that, and they did not fit on the vast majority of the photos.


The principle of visualization is exactly the same, as in the case of underground pipe - located at a depth below subsoil ploughing, but their presence greatly influenced the conductivity of soil near and over them, and conduction of lightning currents in the underground thanks to them may cause a significant affecting of plants in close proximity, mainly their root systems. This may be the archaeological artifacts, or components of agricultural machines apostated and plowed under, also remains of any industrial activities, remains long ago abandoned water mains or sewer, or parts of collapsed airplanes. Located at a depth below subsoil ploughing, and if no one has dig out them, they are still there. GPS location of displayed objects are known, and those interested can go for them with a pickaxe, after negotiating a permission from the land owner. We wish them much success in digging. Also would be possible to locate them with metal detectors or underground radar (some of them need not be really metallic).


Quite precise GPS location of that underground artifacts will be first published here. Soon.


Another type of straight lines on the field

They are located mainly in the middle exactly between the tramlines

Here only a brief mention of them. They are not related directly with objects located underground, but with the way of conduction electricity across the soil surface and nearby underground. They are mainly caused by the current conducting through the tramlines. Very often there occurs on the crop fields such a phenomenon, that the most affected plants are located exactly halfway between them (there are added currents entering from both directions). Similar formations will be devoted much more space on the page Tramlines. There is already given a lot of mentions to them on some other summary pages, from where they will be gradually relocated also to that main page about tramlines. Almost unlimited number of photographs of fields, captured in a similar situation may be found on Google Maps (Google Earth) (some illustrative photos)



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This page was prepared, and all the facts and theories presented here were very thoroughly, closely and in detail experimentally examined by


Jan Ledecky


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