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lightning discharge
Accompanying Effects
For example, "pin holes" are becoming of almost inseparable accompaniment "Crop Circles folklore"
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Crop Circles, Crop figures, Accompanying Effects

Possible to find a lot of Accompanying Effects, and to that main are devoted pages from the submenu Effects. Some could be included into Anomalies, some of many anomalies would be included to Effects.

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Already in the initial menu page Anomalies mentioned a note that none of described abnormalities actually is not possible to call anomaly. In all cases is possible to include them between phenomena, lightning discharge quite naturally, directly inseparably accompanying. As well as effects. Therefore is at present time in the submenu Effects just supplemented an item "Central Pinhole Effect". Such a "pin holes" are mentioned more and more frequently, becoming almost inseparable, natural companion, as a "folk" part of the Crop Circles phenomenon. On the one hand, they are attributed to human activity (that pinholes). Planted a pole, cord, and so on. Anyone who sees what with their help should be created, will be immediately quite clear that men are never involved in their creation even by bending a single stalk. With the phenomenon of "D&D" these website dealed elsewhere (see), and at that point is also noted, that from then will never make any other mention about this human manure, therefore no further mention here.


Meanwhile one of the latest web page created - Central Pinhole Effect


Better brewing, barley, beer, brewery, malt, whiskey.

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Better brewery, brewing, malt, whiskey, beer, barley.






















This page was prepared, and all the facts and theories presented here were very thoroughly, closely and in detail experimentally examined by


Jan Ledecky


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