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lightning discharge
Crop Circles - Humour
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Crop circles

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Crop Circles, Crop pictures, Humour near (not only) Elbe Valley




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Several hours, before the white smoke appeared over the Sistine chapel, glamorized several  gulls the otherwise rather dull scenery around the chimney, and its metal cover for a longer period of time alternately occupied. Dwelt there long, tens of minutes, hours. That would knew something? (the first: webcam, time 13th of March 2013, 18:58)


also Crop Circles... (locality: some unnamed municipality)



Second hand - under it placed the inscription new goods



For those interested, curious to know, here specifying where in fact were in progress all that investigations of the causes and consequences of lodging (damaging, weakening) crop, mainly in the fields where the (identified and measured) lightning discharges took place



Some pictures from travels



A detailed picture


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Original text


Rudolf Křesťan, feulletonist

In the programme Written In Itallic

The author's series feuilletons on the waves of Czech Radio 3 - Vltava


Artists from the universe

Why is it that aliens like to make on our planet a mysterious and enigmatic crop circles? They create them also on the territory of our Czech republic. Annually, there is found an average of about twenty such figures. In addition to quite extensive Mucha's Slavic Epopee and there is even not less extensive Universe Epopee.

It is obvious that they are creatively-based aliens. The Globe is for them probably like an exotic destination, what was Tahiti for Gauguin. Some of the shapes in corn shows creators coherent approach. Others - those simpler - may be originated by children. Specifically, from leavers of extraterrestrial folk arts schools. It is not known, from which of planets to us these graphic artists arrive. It could be anywhere, where corn does not grow. Otherwise, the aliens were concerned for their creations straw enough at home and were not flying on their UFO's such a long distance. In addition to corn is for them obvious rarity also grass. Also oilseed rape: even in that they have created in the Rájec Jestřebí - a circle, carefully observed by domestic cereologists.

That these figures come from extraterrestrials, evidenced by their large size. Their resulting design may be appreciated only from above. When the authors complete their work, sit back in a flying saucer and are overlooking their creation of appropriate height. As if I 've heard a criticism, that I am a subject of delusion, when I believe in aliens authorship, although any of the figures they did not provide by their signature. But what if it is not a habit for them?

About crop circles is currently written as eagerly, as in the past it used to be on the front pages of newspapers when describing „ongoing harvest effort“ - in the spirit of former saying „neither grain wasted“. These folk sayings in the use led to the question of whether it is advisable to collect also stye in one's eye.

In the late eighties of last century ended up in media mandatory annual detailed harvest reporting - and served dramatically almost warlike as a „the battle for the grain“ led by combine-harvesting „metal cavalry“. Harvest has become again what it was for centuries. That is a part of the annual agricultural season. Sometimes successful, sometimes less, as it is of course in the nature.

But with the end of battle conceived harvest reporting there had become risks of that would occur an other extreme. That about ripening grain and the harvest vould not appear in the media even a thing. What if also therefore get involved aliens? Through crop circles they take care of it, that at least this way, got astride agricultural theme in reports. Perhaps this motive also led some Earthlings. I am referring to those who now and then publicly acknowledge, that they have created crop circles. They even have their own special designation - circlemakers.

To their tricks usually using rope and board. Assigned toward them also astronomers at crop field near the observatory in Úpice. Eventually they were very fun, when there came with a straight face ufologists. But that does not mean anything. Who ever was interested in visual arts, knows very well that in addition to original paintingsthere are also forgeries! Often very successful, how is possible to persuade about that in the Arnau book The art of the faker.

Incidentally, Dr. Jiri Grygar, known astrophysicist, a scientific skeptic and pleasant person, did not rule out that the origin of an annual crop circles discovered need not only be the work of human hands. In a TV debate admitted that there may be a result of a vortex, known as a dancing dervish. It is already valuable from Mr. Grygar. We can not wish for him, argue for to the alien's authorship. It would be of his side unserious, when no flying saucers had not seen in the telescope, as once told me during a friendly conversation. Neither I 've never seen a flying saucer, but I quite like the idea of that somewhere exist aliens with a focus on visual arts. Some of their cereal creations are so unique and magical that it would by also praised by the magician Rye. Perhaps also King Barley. It is certain that the imagination is blooming like wheat.

Also Blooming to many ufologists, including those of Russian. When near the local town Togliatti began discovering of crop circles, it was one of the stimuli to establish special schools to investigate the so-called paranormal phenomena. Tatyana Markova, a spokesman for the Russian ufologists, said that one of the tasks of the school in Togliatti is to prepare students for encounters with aliens.

Perhaps such knowledge could be beneficial also to the farmers, who are not excited for UFO's creations at all. Rumpled crop is not exactly ideal for harvesting. What does not rumple ET artists, complete terrestrial cereologists. Eagerly running around the field with instruments and examine the stalks, whether they are only bent or broken.

Preparing to meet with extraterrestrials has a rational occasion. Now is high time to clarify, whether we will require from them visas for crossing our borders. Where, however, would they have obtained them? There is also a question, whether they will not be disappointed if that worldly professional art criticism does not address - except for very rare exceptions - assessment and analysis of their cereal creations. Do not throw the rifle to the corn, especially not into that circled. Some of the young critics might caught the chance and specializes in this discipline. The reward will be invited for an internship somewhere into the universe.

When I believe that the originators of quizzical patterns could be really a people from the universe, does not mean that I would like to enforce this view to you. Definitely not so vehemently, as did a young Dutch circlemaker to policemen, when he was caught in the creation of circles in wheat. He realized that him threatens punishment for damaged grain. Thus began eagerly and avidly to convince police patrol, that he is innocent, namely the reasons, that everyone in the world knows, that crop circles are made by extraterrestrials!


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This page was prepared, and all the facts and theories presented here were very thoroughly, closely and in detail experimentally examined by


Jan Ledecky


Science has proof without any certainty. Creationists have Certainty without any proof.  C.E.Montague
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