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Crop circles

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Texts published elsewhere

 Crop Circles & Lightning

PagPhAll information on the topic published here are being published only via the Internet yet. No book, no paper, no newspaper, not any printed media. This is a really scientific discovery, fundamental (basic) research, which is still published solely via the Internet. Maybe two, or more (f. r.)

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Some first published informations about research.

Crop circles - maybe definitively unlocked now.


On this page will be published links to the Internet published reflections on issues affecting the lodging (damaging, weakening) of plants, grain and crops. At the same time there should be links to their copies located here. Through natural processes described here should be probably explained one of the greatest imaginable mystery of 20th - 21th century - Crop Circles.



Some reservoir of informations, pre-designed for publication, is here

(so far an older version of the web; no longer - 29.10.2011)

Note: this is a five-piece version, which was completed in spring 2011 and since then has not changed, with some exceptions - markedly labeled


Farther here are links to copies of texts that were published anywhere on the Internet. In addition to exact copies of text and used photos will be some later placed under the original version of the article also photos in higher resolution, perhaps some further details about their origin, GPS data and some other


28th April 2011 - first article that appeared on (Czech sci - fi magazine)



9th November 2011 - second article that appeared on

CONSIDERATION: Crop circles - 2/1 - some possibilities of pattern creation


2nd December 2011 - second article that appeared on - continuing

CONSIDERATION: Crop circles - 2/2 - some possibilities... - continue


13th January 2012 - third article that appeared on

CONSIDERATION: Crop circles - 3 - chronology of crop damaging


19th March 2012 - fourth article that appeared on

Crop Circles 4 (1) - Shaping the the graph of electromagnetic field lines course of electric current in the cereals through the discharge of lightning, part 1


27th April 2012 fourth article that appeared on (continue)

Crop Circles 4 (2) - Another possible reasoning about the way of emergence, some accompanying phenomena, indirect evidence


6th July 2013 - fifth article that appeared on

Crop Circles 5 - prediction, forecasting of effects, that will appear in future in connecion with crop circles


June 2013 - article that appeared in the June issue of The Skeptic

Crop Circles. The question resolved newly. Puzzled out.

The influence of abiotic stress factors to crop lodging, also that inside crop circles



A summary of the texts published on the SARDEN



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This page was prepared, and all the facts and theories presented here were very thoroughly, closely and in detail experimentally examined by


Jan Ledecky


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