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lightning discharge
Your Majesty !
Your loyal servant is briefly explaining here, who was in your kingdom crops making mischief yearly
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Crop circles

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Crop Circles - main culprit proven guilty

Never try to catch him. It's not safe. Marathon man.

Lysa nad Labem, 

Czech republic 

processed during the period

13th of Feb 2008 to 13th of Aug 2010

(the major part; continuing until now)   

from: U.F.O. - Killer, also Deufoizer,

Desaucerizer, Dealieniser, Aliens and

Martians Rats Killer, Deratiser

pseudoscience followers executioner, killer

Brewer - Chef Agent 008







Report to the Commander-in-Chief

Your Majesty,

sniper mission accomplished.


Crop circle ElectroMagnetic Field simulation
Crop circle ElectroMagnetic Field simulation

The guilty party, accused and convicted

as criminals making a mess at your garden -

authorship and production of Crop Circles,

as the only one possible who is applicable -

Mr. Lightning von Discharge,

hand in hand in collaboration with  

Mrs. Electricity von Thunderstorm,

sometimes using really qualified help

of extremely tricky and complicated

interference and resonance processes.

and in addition, utilizing a wide range of natural and wholly natural, verifiable,
mostly for example, the physical, chemical and biological processes.


 Motto: Very much crop circles resemble a PC simulation of electromagnetic  fields. Even a single one, separate circle. That is why because they are really  created by ElectroMagnetic Field lines of force from lightning discharges.


Exposed forever, forced to admit

under the weight of irrefutable evidence

proving culpability beyond any doubt.


Classic police forces will be never able to catch them,

or prevent them in any way from their crimes.

The propagation velocity (Return Stroke) rounds 1/3 - 2/3c,

whereas police propagation velocity almost never exceeds 1/million c.

(c - that same c from E=mc2, some Einstein once announced).


Never will be anybody able to inhibit them from doing that,

they will be laughing at whole mankind forever,

like guilties in many other cases

and continue to commit their crimes.


They are using one of the most complicated, most sophisticated

also most interesting form of

Natural Mimicry existed ever, because:

All that named regular patterns really arise, appear visible

in the cereal field almost never immediately,

but many days after they were really created

in the raster contained from crop stalks, ie

possibly say "stored", "recorded", "registered"

or "exposed", "photographed" there.


The words "photographed" or "exposed" are matching really good

because immediately after "the exposition" (by the means of lightning discharge)

became a long "silent period" (latency time), several days or weeks,

during that is in action "natural developer" (see archeology - motto),

and during that seemingly nothing happens.

In fact, plants affected by electricity,

gradually weaken such a long time, but so intensively, that at one time

finally are not able hold up their own weight, thus bend to the ground.


Processes named as "exposition",

during that is created a latent (invisible) image

followed by a latent period

long time lasting "developing" (days, weeks)

- chemical - electrochemical - biological - biochemical

- physiological - physical - mechanical process

followed up to the very end by creation, visualization of pattern,

extremely noticeably resembles another process,

that mankind has used to a greater extent

around since 1830 - photographic process, shortly preceded

by extremely interesting process Daguerreotypic.

They also initially create after exposure

only a latent image, completely invisible.

Visualized is much later, after chemical developing,

which firstly takes much longer,

may actually take place days, weeks, months, even years after exposure.

It looks like that Mother Nature knew, and widely used,

photographic process for several billion years before,

than on the whole globe happen to appearance,

and initialized his activity the first photographer.


On that point may sometimes happen a Domino Effect,

thanks to that bending may happen in a really short time,

shapes of not very accurately generated pattern can be a little more refined

and the shape edges may thus become a little more sharp.


During the bending of all that stalks there was not in action

any "unexplainable", "incomprehensible", "unknown", "mystery" force.

Not even any other force, than their own weight,

at most highered due to a moisture from night dew or rain.

(for instance the weight of wheat crops may be thanks to the rain highered

more than five million kilograms on a square kilometer)


That is why quick bending to the ground

may sometimes start without

any unnecessary additional external force or pulse.

May be started even without well known "Butterfly",

because weakened stalks, hardly holding upright their own weight

start at first slowly inclinate to the ground,

and sometime some of them exceed certain characteristic maximum angle,

which its weakened tissues in the bottom of the stalks are still able

to keep at least in partially upright position,

and as opposite to precedent happenings

is their bending to the ground from that point much more faster.

At the same time affects one or more others,

thereby to start the Domino Effect (snowball effect, chain reaction),

and the entire weakened structure of the stalks

falls to the ground like a house of cards.


Weight of upright standing corn stalks

is contained in their structure as well as their potential energy,

(mgh, where h is 1/2 the average height of stalks)

and stalks lying at the ground it equals to zero.

These are a few kWh per square kilometer.


A secondary form of that Natural Mimicry is,

that they are not at all only the cause

of all that named regullar patterns,

(several thousand sq. meters yearly).

The electricity of Lightning Discharges is also one of the foremost cause

of every damaged, weakened and wholly normal, common,

quite irregularly lodged (damaged, weakened) crop round the whole world,

which does not create any regular patterns.

Also most often appearing many days after the thunderstorm ,

that storm, whose lightning electricity caused all that damage.


Nobody has ever even occur to

that almost the only possible cause of all that stalks bending

would be a storm that took place before many weeks,

more precisely just one of its lightnings into the field.

First of all, because the crop often begins bending to the ground

in the course of the most beautiful weather,

what the farmers can just wish for the purposes of crop growing,

and just after the storm, in a cursory inspection of the crop fields

everything appeared even several days

to seemingly as if absolutely nothing happened.


It is possible estimated approximately one million sq. kilometers

of damaged and on the ground surace lying crop annually.


From the point of view of practical and experimental

agriculture and botany is possible to classify

the influence of electrity to herbal plants

between abiotic stress factors

(other e.g. excess or lack of moisture, light,

oxygen, deficiency of CO2, minerals,

exposure to high or low temperatures, mechanical stress).

Their influence is sometime also very slow,

visually observable many days from the beginning.


Furthermore, the consequences of electricity

are in some cases visually almost identical

to those of herbicides, that are sorted

between biotic stress factors.

The onset of their effect is also very slow,

lasts minimally for several days,

even in the case of plants, that were affected by

the dose highly over the lethal limit.


From the point of view of lightning discharge, in case of some plants,

mostly that closest to the discharge, may also appear

in addition to the effects of electricity,

also to the direct effect of high temperature.


Among other things, appointed findings may be very useful

for some of your liege people, specifically, among others, especially farmers,

and serve to monitor, control and improve the quality of cultivated cereals

and (for example) to achieve the highest quality of malt produced from them

used for the production of such a many popular beverages. Shaken, not stirred.


One of the greatest Nature joke made ever

from the whole shocked and perplexed mankind.

Certainly not the last joke,

more surprises will continue.


As one of the most accessible evidence, sent by Mother Nature

and especially designed primarily for you, Your Majesty

it is possible to consider the case of discovery of crop circles at Chequers (1991),

near the residence of the Prime Minister (at that time John Major)

within the guarded area where no human or an extraterrestrial invader

had entry permitted or access granted.


According to information of prime minister's spokesman:

"Crop circles at Chequers do not represent security threat

but they are most likely a completely natural phenomenon,

which is in some way related to the weather. "

Yes, Prime Minister!

Just possible look at the meteorological records of that year,

or records of security services,

there should be a record about mentioned storm referred in both of them.


Our dear, esteemed, Your Majesty!

We are starting to get the impression that, at least since 1991

You and your secret services at least to a large extent anticipate

or maybe even know very well

how crop circles are formed.

But you are just only keeping

all the liege humanity

in blissful ignorance and the horror of extraterrestrials

mainly due to Mother Nature do not

this one of her most successful tricks (jokes) unnecessarily got broken?


Your conduct in such a case is actually very strikingly commemorating

your other very funny piece,

like when you parachuted to the Olympic Stadium in London

accompanied by a 007 James Bond (shaken, not stirred)

and we can only congratulate you

to your obviously very cheerfulness and good humor.


So called hoaxers, pranksters, or circlemakers, cropcirclemakers

(liers, falsifiers or forgers, in fact deeply mentally ill people),

would be "rewarded" and eliminated one by one,

during any of their random real meeting

with the only one legitimate author, negotiated.

He would "shake their hands" during that.


Whoever is not making some useful work in a crop field

may make angry the natural forces

by any unnecessary activity in crop field,

because in the crop field should actually occur only such a person,

who is performing something useful there.


UFOs, flying saucers and aliens (extraterrestrials, E.T.) detected to be only

declarators of theirselves to be Crop Circles authors and makers.

Also criminal delicts - lying, injurious falsehood,

falsification, plagiarism and hoax.


Liquidation negotiated with lightning,

in a very similar way like circlemakers,

nobody never will be sorry for aliens.


With respect, significantly Yours,

Man in Black (and White - Photographer),

Lone-wolf sniper,

getting back to his mountain lair,


Brewer - Chef Agent 008, James Blond.



Would you be so kind, please,

and give an order to your liege people,

to make an aliens, Flying Saucers and UFOs census,

because Mr. Lightning will soon start

to liquidate that UFOs, Flying Saucers and aliens willingly,

one by one,

numbering millions daily?

Maybe, that this time is one of the last chance to count them all,

because their quantity will soon decrease rapidly

(as negotiated with His Masters Lightning, too)



If interested, contact



















If interested, contact







This page was prepared, and all the facts and theories presented here were very thoroughly, closely and in detail experimentally examined by


Jan Ledecky


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