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lightning discharge
Crop Circles - Ghosts
If the discharge was really enormous, able to see "phantoms", shadows in snow, or crop next year
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Crop circles

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Next year (winter) "stamp" similar figure in crop (snow)

Everything dependent on  the  lightning power.  If really huge, possible see similar - deformed (ploughing, etc) winter snow figures, or in the crop next season. In rare cases 2 years after (Kozarovce, Slovakia)

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Lightning Discharge creates echoes, mirrorings or shadows

How it happened? Some shadows, mirroring - in winter snow, or next year, the same figure, similar, but only very light...




Everything made by The Nature - chemistry. There appeared such a great changes underground, that there were created noticeable amounts of solvable chemicals, different from normal conditions. Extremly high pulse of electric energy supported by the lightning was the cause of electrolysis in organic and inorganic materials underground, high voltage dissociation and desintegration of vapours, liquids and solids underground, other great chemical changes - pyrolysis became due to heat produced by the same pulse (also physical - dehydratation). High amount of plant-deleterious chemicals were originated actually just in plant bodies, and were removed to soils by roots, or after ploughing.


The Lightning Discharge may create a large amount of harmful substances in the soil (not only for plants but also for humans, see Warning). Some of these harmful chemicals may remain in the soil more half a year, and help create a similar figure next year due to weak and damage of plants, deterioration of development and lack of growth.


Also some amount of energy may be stored in soil due to change of chemical (also only physical) structure of some compounds appearing there. Silicates, ferric oxide, alpha, beta exotermic and endotermic crystal structure modification changes, water of crystallization amount changes (dehydratation) and other similar reversible thermochemical changes. Such changed chemicals (mainly physically) may lay under soil surface several months and wait for humidity and temperature changes, and for instance after snowfall start emanate absorbed heat energy (similar for instance as copper sulphate anhydrous after adding water emits great exotermic energy power). The released heat very quickly take effect by creating similar patterns in the snow.


Many compounds in the soil could be got rid of a part of crystal water thanks to the enormous energy radiated during the discharge. After snowfall may be the lacking water absorbed back and the energy that was stored in them during the discharge is released back.


For example, the attached photo is from Kozarovice, Slovakia

GPS: N 48°17'56.33" E 18°31'46.53" 

Many more documentation here, quite detailed description,

very good detailed drawing;

expected creation date of 11.7.2009 (lodging (damaging, weakening))


Ghost pattern observable in the snow in winter 2009/2010, in the oilseed during the growing season 2010 and observable signs occurred in vegetation in 2011. Above the field probably during the storm happened a real hellfire (estimated date of the thunderstorm from May to June 2009), and is not impossible that the lightning, that hit the field and painted the pattern by its interferences, much exceeded five hundred thousand amperes (average lightning less than 30 thousand, half a million are really rare). It is possible that there would appear one of the most powerful lightning discharges in the world measured ever. Pattern shape is one of the so-called


"oil-motor types", which are patterns, that reminds the viewer that takes place happens inside cylinder diesel or an internal combustion engine (may be found on Youtube for example, captured at high speed).


To be completed.


Authors should be commended for a very sophisticated reports on crop circles, completely objective, unencumbered by any supernatural, esoteric or extraterrestrial considerations, which is almost surprising, whereas the site is primarily concerned with reflections on UFOs and supernatural phenomena. All their coverage of the crop circles, however, is from any such considerations completely free, not only figures in Kozárovice. They are all complemented by an extensive photographic documentation, GPS, map data, very accurate and detailed drawing of shapes. It is therefore possible to their coverage of crop circles declare as absolutely unrivaled the best, what exists in the world. First of all the GPS information, this one key data, almost any existing site devoted to the issue of the Crop Circles considered something completely unnecessary, virtually waste and not bother to write it in front of the shots. Of course there are exceptions, such as some German pages in recent times are in this respect much more disciplined, and certainly more will be added.


For all the praise impartible objectively reporting on the Crop Circles may be awarded to authors of Slovak pages 1++, the best rating


Note on GPS: site author owns probably one of the largest GPS data collections  of crop circles from around the whole world (500+), England, Germany, Denmark, Holland, Italy, Czech Republic, Slovakia, USA and other


Over time will be set up page (here), where will be given to them much more attention.




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This page was prepared, and all the facts and theories presented here were very thoroughly, closely and in detail experimentally examined by


Jan Ledecky


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