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lightning discharge
Coloring Books in Crop
Shapes occasionally in the fields around the world created, to some extent resemble coloring books
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Crop circles

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Crop Circles, Crop figures, Coloring Books in Crop

The first, finally a little logical, quite understandable theory. Scientifically verifiable, anytime arbitrarily by reproducible experiments provable. First based on measurable assumptions and considerations. FBR

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Below on this page are completed some accompanying photos (used as illustrations on the upper right edge of the page), later also other. Each image links to page where it comes from.


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Crop circle ElectroMagnetic Field simulation
Crop circle ElectroMagnetic Field simulation


Here on this page will be demonstrated first theoretically, what may cause a single vertical perpendicular lightning in the field of corn. Although at first glance it does not seem at all, in the case of a lightning strike there appear a classic current passage through the wire. Up to hundreds of thousands of amperes running for a few tens of microseconds, which several meters around itself creates really huge instantaneous electromagnetic field.  The accompanying illustration shows the current of the lightning discharge in blue, field lines of electromagnetic waves that were created by that in red. In the wires (plants) present there creates induced currents, and acts to them by force just like to interact among themselves wires passed by electric current. Considerable contribution to the current-carrying through plants brings immediate surrounding of the discharge (corona), filled with strongly ionized air. Surrounding the lightning channel up to a distance of several meters and has in no wind very precise circular shape. In the case of the strongest discharges several tens of meters. (here will be located as an illustration photo of the discharge 3000V, corona surrounds to a distance of about 1 mm, it is probably 3W, ie approximately 1 mA). Also influence of the shape by the air flow.



Classic "normal" one crop circle, similar to a pattern in magnetic fillings, created by electromagnetic effects (very precise circular shape - !!!!!), or joint operation of the mechanical effects of shock and pressure waves of lightning (also have a very precise circular shape).



Similar to wind waves - video, also will create circular waves (video drops falling into water, also very slow, as well as color into other colors)



The system of several vertical perpendicular lightnings (parallel arms of a single discharge), insert lightning videos slow running along the same path up and down - measure distances between discharges, create a model of an approximate oscilloscope response of such discharge - that is already really a classic AC.



Finally, an attempt to explain the emergence of patterns created by natural oscilloscope temporarily - two orthogonal (but can be different angle) phase-shifted source of alternating current, at least one drawing beam (also possible multi-beam), and lissajouss patterns are already formed. Drawing device could be provided in this case, even something as similar to ball lightning, dust and plasma ball created after the lightning strike temporarily from the material on earth surface, thanks to the electric charge present in that diverged by the electromagnetic field. The model of such natural "spark" oscilloscope would be possible to construct in the laboratory. Screenshots and videos of the possibilities of influencing the direction and shape of the electric discharge by means of (electro) magnetic field is possible to find on youtube. Very often, however, in similar conditions is likely to create a vortex ring, strongly influenced and deflected and driven by a huge present on-site electromagnetic field (also rotating). That would be quite a difficult task even for fairly equipped laboratory. We can only say that nature itself sometimes acts as the best equipped laboratory. It has a lot of time and billions experiments in progress.



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This page was prepared, and all the facts and theories presented here were very thoroughly, closely and in detail experimentally examined by


Jan Ledecky


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