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lightning discharge
Very Strong Warning !
(Crop Circle and other Regular Pattern visitors are quite unknowingly exposed to great danger)
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Crop circles

We can allow satellites, planets, suns, universe, nay whole systems of universes, to be governed by laws, but the smallest insect, we wish to be created at once by special act.  Charles Darwin
The man who has no imagination has no wings.   M.Ali
Every man dies. Not every man really lives.   W.Wallace

Extreme amounts of energy act as extreme dangerous

Crop Circle visitors are unwittingly exposed to relatively large amounts of toxins, most likely CO (carbon monoxide), also many other extremely dangerous poisons and hallucinogens. All acting like Guinea pigs.

Strong warning before difficult expectable consequences


If interested, contact



Especially for pregnant women, unwell, invalid, indisposed

people or similar cases : never visit any Crop Circle !!!


Especially for  pacemakers using people:

never, never, never, never, never visit any Crop Circle !!!

(possibly with a defibrillator in a backpack and funeral attendants in your back)


Especially for young people: long or frequent visiting of

Crop Circle phenomena may cause infertility!


Especially for fertile women (between ... and ...): standard regularity of your cycle may be badly damaged thanks to visiting Crop Circle phenomena!


Especially for other, unteachable and risking people: visiting of Crop Circle may badly damage your health and your microelecronics (maybe that your microelectronics is much more important for you than your health)


Here is possible to see a photo of a common nuclear power plant (2000MW, Temelin, Czech)


covers an area of several square kilometers, as well as any other nuclear power plant, stronger or weaker, greater or smaller


As a matter of interest: at full power 2000MW ( 2x109W ) would its generators supply at a voltage of one million volts electric current of 2000 amperes, these numbers, please remember well


Any visitor inside a Crop Circle, is present at a place, where sometime ago (maybe several hours) worked a lot of millions similar electrical power plants. Only for a short time, several millionths of second, but did.


At starting point it worked on square region much smaller then odd square meter (!!!), even less then sq. centimeter, and cubature not more than odd cubic meter, later little more, but not much (maximum several hundreds sq.m., most times less). Really did.


If anyone more voluminous animal, certainly also person (in such a case not only that more voluminous, but absolutely all) have been present there really "at close range" and really "just in time", would look like very similarly like animals on the accompanying photos.


On the location may be located up unpredictably large number of very dangerous chemicals, in toxicological practice known as Extremely Dangerous Poissons, for their storage and transportation was created one of the strictest rules, what was ever realized in the history of mankind. On that place are absolutely free, without any restriction, walking hundreds to thousands of people every day like on the promenade, as if they went to the beach outside the city. Their decision.


Apart from all that Extremely Dangerous Poissons, many of them in the gaseous state, there may be located underground large amount of static electricity (million Joules and more), and much more accumulated heat. Both of these values may contribute to the further formation of free radicals, highly excited atoms and molecules, ozone and other compounds with very high oxidizing or reducing potential, which further contribute to the toxic character of that investigated sites.


This is a very local issue, unlike for example, chemical or radioactive full-area contamination, and animals are such places obviously nervously avoiding (observed), in contrast to people. Plants would such a place certainly also rather avoid, if they had legs, thus do not, so at least try going to die or "to be consumed".


Especially in the metal (iron) underground pipes, along them considerable portion of electricity, of course, carried out some time, remained some "residual magnetism" (More info will be here). Similarly, the various iron components and tools, including abrasion of iron cultivating machines, by which for centuries farmers cultivate their fields, and from that resulting iron - ferric oxide (rust - somewhat hydrated, but still enough magnetic material). But this is all just a tiny amount compared with the natural iron content in the soil (3%). All its compounds may be during the discharge thanks to cathodic and pyrolytic reduction for some time converted back to metallic iron.


The only reason that all the described changes, chemicals and anomalies caused was The Lightning Discharge. Although considerable part of the energy (more than 99%) radiated above the ground, because even in the case of an average discharge was the energy about a billion (109) Joules, there is still left a lot for the underground. In the case of more powerful discharges is there transferred energy even more than 1012 Joules. Some very rare, extremely powerfull lightning discharges may radiate energy up to 1014, perhaps even 1015 J.


Also possible that on that place is still present high content of remaining static electricity. Possible to measure it. (picture)


Anybody during an attempt of measuring it, would feel like trying to measure a distance between gallaxies, having bought a calliper...


There is also big amount of heat accumulated undergroud (not so dangerous, but?). Possible to measure it. Thermal camera, thermovision, Thermal Imagery, Thermal Imaging, Night Vision, Infrared Camera Systems.


There is also present remaining magnetic field (compass anomalies, not so dangerous, but?) due to previous really very huge electromagnetic pulse.

that pulse is called LEMP and that magnetism is called LIRM, LIM - Lightning Induced (Remanent) Magnetism


The only one cause that created all of theese beyond all of understanding facts, (including Crop Circle) is called LIGHTNING


Lightning also produces small ammount of Roentgen and gamma rays and unverified messages indicate, that in lightning plasma (round 30 000K) also possible some type of nuclear fusion (between Hydrogen - protons or Deuterium - one proton plus one neutron)


Possible read this book:

Lightning: Physics and effects, V. A. Rakov, M. A. Uman, Cambridge University Press 2003 (2007), ISBN 0-521-58327-6

Many of that "beyond all of understanding phenomenons" possible find in this book.

For instance Lightning Electromagnetic Pulse, (LEMP), thunderstorm static electricity.


Lightning Induced (Remanent) Magnetism, LI(R)M also possible find using GOOGLE, for instance on  (and many other)


Very interesting fact, that there were not found any Fulgurite in or round Crop Circles. However, where is no one ever looking for something, there also no one can find anything ever. Demonstrable matter is the fact, that at any point of the Crop Circle occurrence has never been performed even a minimal excavation works, and fulgurites are certainly found much more underground. At the same time is or will be on some other pages explicitly stated, that in some places, where crop circles found, or in their immediate vicinity, would be really in shallow underground (but below the deep plowing) really could be located something interesting (Archeology) and some of these places even really demonstrably something present is. Utility networks - see Lines in Crop, or some (probably metallic) Objects in Underground, as mentioned in one paragraph of the same page.


At least something similar to fulgurites after all perhaps was ever found somewhere, mention will be placed here later. (SiO2 spheres that appear to exhibit signs of operation temperatures of several thousand degrees)


Possible, that at starting point there is a potential difference (p.d.) more than five billions volts (5x109 V) and peak currents maybe higher than five hundred thousands amperes (5x105 A).


Portion of energy, moved by one standard, average lightning, is from 109 to 1010 J, and a full - loaded truck would move many hundreds of kilometers by that .


5 x 109 J is about 1400 kWh and may be suspended approx. by 140 litres of diesel fuel, or 1 ton of TNT. The average lightning peak current is 30 000A.


In case of extremely high, abnormal discharge, that would became very rarely, only a little times per year, not truck, but freight-train, and not several hundred kilometers, but several times round globe...


About poisons are already on some other sites much more descriptive information, find and copy here. Rather to start. The rest sort better.


If interested, contact
















This page was prepared, and all the facts and theories presented here were very thoroughly, closely and in detail experimentally examined by


Jan Ledecky


When an actor comes to me and wants to discuss his character: -'It's in the script.' -'But what's my motivation?' -'Your salary.'    A.Hitchcock
Miracles do not, in fact, break the laws of nature.      C.S.Lewis
Man can believe the impossible, but man can never believe the improbable.      Oscar Wilde