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Crop circles



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Part 1


27th June 2010, 10:06:35 beginning of writing

(completed in March 2011, some parragraphs - remarked - added later)


For readers who are interested in the issue of CCwill be the best, not try to find in the text mentioned film documents anywhere on the Internet nor observe them, there would be need for some of them a recovering for several months from that. But one advantage there is in mentioned creations - (sometimes) contain a number of aerial shots, that may provide a possibility of an assessment the state of surrounding vegetation, also far away from patterns, sometime also on neighbouring fields and at greater distances, in contrast to photography of "artists" exhibiting their creations on the internet or in books publishing, which are of such "uselessness" relatively often very carefully rid of. Not all and not always, some of them are able at least at 50% of their photographs provide views of the surrounding countryside, what is  already possible to consider as sufficient. Far better will be wait until the mentioned phenomena will be procured from photographs and sites about Crop Circles and placed here (copies of any published articles will occur on some subpage or, both in the exact form of the printed text, but also links to a newer versions mainly complemented with other interesting and important photographs, explanation of the photos origin and how the experiments were performed.


One of the best possible introduction to irregular structures lodged (damaged, weakened) crop, provide pages of Italian Crop Circles explorers. They show on their sites images without any cropping, as they were captured. Also, obviously earlier they started to understand, that between the patterns in the crop must be also included all that quite irregular lodged (damaged, weakened) areas (later in 2005-2007, also earlier). It was possible due to lack of more regular shapes in those years, with their abundant occurrence in following years they somewhat eased in their efforts. Even though it is necessary to thank them very much for their contribution to revealing the true guilty party, as well as explorers of Wylatowo, whose images contain also wonderfully affected surroundings. By the way, 99% of all people around the world has the opportunity to photograph and explore such an irregularly flattened (damaged, weakened) crop structures, mostly without having to leave more than a mile from their home. Even in such irregular structures they will find all so-called "typical changes", discovered in samples taken from Crop Circles. Bent and extended nodes, also phenomena so called exploded nodes or expulsed cavities. That unfortunate blind experiment, which Crop Circles explorers, all intoxicated by the mysteriosity of that phenomenon, did not perform even ones odd time...

But as mentioned, every Blue Planet citizen has the opportunity. That one percent are immobilized, or lazy individuals.


Sweet Humanity! So already, we are writting you again. Surprised, that you still did not receive anything from us? No wonder, we did not ever send you anything. It was once, in those early times (approx February 2008) started written such a notice, it is definitely well over two years. (added 13th February 2011 - The third year completed. Hooray.)


The former task was not at all: complete and publish (in past, communist times also very frequently used term come close and get ahead), vice versa. There was written as then more, different types, more or less as a training, but with the sole aim: start writting, perhaps even barely complete, and then at least one year let alone. The whole material really did look a bit "hot" and even from scientific point of view a little complicated, than to present it to the public just in such a raw form, and could be very difficult to estimate, what else may follow. It was namely a "very extensive search", a huge array for considerations and experiments. It may be assumed that possible forever. It was finally left for more than two years.


Added 18th July 2010: It seems quite possible that it may stay lying another year or two...


Incidentally, that one year was actually exactly followed (a year plus one day), and the basic idea, velice stručné sdělení, really just an absolute base, published, although without any publicity, on the page (nowadays does not apply, a copy of that statement is located here); that date is right there, it's exactly a year and a day after the beginning of research (will be explained). But this counts as publication, even if know about it only a few people (approximate ten). Possible see, that two years were quiee valuable method. For example, there was no sign of a "domino effect" in the whole theory a few weeks ago (spring - summer 2010), and today it can be considered as one of the most interesting part of the whole theory. Something similar applies to the theory of double discharges in the same place within at least several days, but rather weeks. The Aviation Archaeology started to show us its interesting knowledges in the year 2011 ...



At the beginning of 2011 was possible to pay interest in aerial archeology. Some idea of the possibility of intervention of archaeological relics and artifacts in the structure of some figures in the field has existed since the beginning of research (across the lines in crop, changes in the underground resistance and the basic assumption that any underground objects might lend a hand...) 2011 - three years after the beginning of the research... What is waiting there more?


The theory of what? Here is placed a message number one (will be a total of two, and only those second, it will be really a bomb): Any so-called Crop Circles (CC), not manmade, (which are, although it's unbelievable, almost without exception all, although in some documentary films devoted to the Crop Circles problematics it would look like just an opposite), are created through lightning discharges into the field during a thunderstorm.


Quoted from the greatest genius of humanity, Jaroslav Cimrman (not entirely accurate quote, but intellectually agrees, so called Jerry's  Cimrman postulate): We may disagree with that, we may doubt it, we can protest against that, but that's about all, what is possible to do with it or against that.


Against this message will become (of course, completely in vain) enormous opposition from the explorers of the phenomenon Crop Circles, who will continue to fight like lions for its supernatural principle, flying saucers, aliens, paranormal phenomena, crop intelligence, thought processes of the Earth's core, incomprehensibility and unaccountability, whole-world, interplanetary and whole-universe intellect. In the following (or even in some continuing, originally planned brief article more clearly splits into more than three) they are offered by the possibility, how to check everything (quite objectively and scientifically incontrovertibly), and it is only a matter of whether they will use it.


Fans and supporters of any former existing, and any other non-scientific and pseudoscience explanation may, in addition, try to prove the claim, that at any point, where was found a Genuine Crop Circles, never before occurred to the lightning into the field, or even that there was no storm ever since when the field was sown, until the pattern was discovered. Even before begins on the complex and challenging research, it is possible to fairly reliably ascertain them, that such evidence they will find almost never.


Right from the start shall be indicated a very important fact, that all such efforts and objections right at the beginning create almost impossible: one of the most interesting facts (by practical research in the field and laboratory confirmed many times, frequently even by the explorers of the phenomenon Crop Circles themselves, without realizing it) of the whole theory is the fact, that between the lightning discharge, and its own creation - real emergence of patterns, respectively its visualisation, which means bending the crop to the ground, may take up to several weeks, and all its parts need not arise at the same time, depending on the exposure (the first match with a photo), which can be expressed as the intensity of damaging (as the first step caused by the electricity) of individual plants, that may be affected in addition to all other possibilities also by the electric current, that was only induced within them. It need not be only one discharge, but the entire system of arms including a subsequent lightning discharges, among which created a variety of electromagnetic, electrostatic and mechanical interferences and resonances. Thunderstorms sometimes precede the discovery of patterns as well as more than two months, immediately after the storm pattern appears only in very exceptional cases, but sometime it may also happen.


Plants in the pattern are weakened, their condition is very similar to plant fading, (see) therefore they bent to the ground, may be due to the weakening damaged by secondary pests, that will more weaken them. Because they bent down as a result of the weakening and reducing the mechanical strength of stalks (especially close to the ground, because down to the roots migrate all the poisons, that were within them created by electrolysis, the lower part of the plant thus actually sacrifices for the successful development of the offspring), not cracked or broken (with few exceptions, mostly on the edges of the pattern), because their breaking occurs after all by the action of a large mechanical forces, where the sum of the weights among many rows of the stalks, considerably inclined and leaning on one another, is up to several kilograms.


Domino effect, chain reaction: immediately after the lightning discharge stalks of grain have unchanged mechanical strength and can withstand even in the strongest winds, as well as undamaged. Although they had already been noticeable damaged by the electricity, in their cells and tissues has not yet been noticeable such an extensive anatomical and physiological changes, to significantly impact on their physical properties. Meanwhile, there would be possible find only microscopic changes, and changes of mechanical properties in the range of at most a few percent, what is value within the tolerance and statistical errors of even relatively closely adjacent plant objectively almost undetectable. Even a slight misalignment of the vertical stalk position approximately at its center need be used a pressure equivalent of tens of grams per centimeter, close to the ground adequately more, and immediately after remission of the force promptly turns back. During the days and weeks inside them currently ongoing phytopathological processed this mechanical strength significantly weaken, and probably the more the part of the stalk is closer to the ground. Not at all equally, because the current distribution took place due to various random factors very disproportionately, but approximately in a circle (does not need to be quite accurate) from the discharge impact point to a distance for example of approximately 10 m, stalks are hit by a large quantity of electricity, but at a longer distance almost imperceptible (maybe also thanks to the Corona Discharge). Most affected and then weakened will be stalks in the middle, and after a few days will become, that some of them already not able to hold their own weight and lean against that relatively healthier, still standing perpendicularly. At that time, the mechanical properties of plants are at estimated of approximately 10 % of the healthy undamaged plants or less. Even if such weakened stalks would still hold up their own weight, but sum of weights of many other no longer, and will therefore also start lean to the side, lean on more and more, and suddenly everything slowly pushes down to the ground. It may also contribute a substantial increase in weight due to moisture, just the morning dew or fog, up to tens of tons per hectare. Therefore stems mostly bent, not broken, the whole process could take tens of minutes, but also considerably shorter or longer period. It started with just a few of the weakest individuals, to which, however, have been added tens and hundreds of other, that alone would have been still withstanding, therefore an equivalent of a chain reaction. Individual bending larger clusters may pull down with themselves more and more others, which are all falling down one over each other, creating a situation, that would no D&D nor any of their followers could imitate under any circumstances. Whether stalks are placed clockwise or counter clockwise, more or less depends on random conditions and on the point, where the bending down has began. It may even happen, that part of the stalks of one circle may be placed clockwise, another counter clockwise. Also possible, that due to a domino effect quite considerably refines the borders not entirely accurately "exposed" circle . It is also possible that the Domino Effect is often the main cause of standing stalks groups in the middle of the circles. In the case that the first volumes of the stalks do not start bending jost in the center of the pattern, groups of stalks bundles falling down are like orbiting the center. Standing center is also attributable to some as yet not explored mechanical or electromagnetic - electrostatic phenomena, which occurs just before the impact of the discharge under the influence of unimaginably strong electrostatic and beginning electromagnetic forces, when the stalks in the middle are not affected by such a great quantity of energy as their surroundings. Similar phenomenon can be partially explained by the, that the mechanical or electrostatic forces causes for a moment, that stalks temporarily create something like a volume or a bundle in diameter of about a meter, and the stalks inside that are not affected as much as a stalks around the perimeter, the electricity is conducted primarily by the perimeter of the bunch (wild), similar as like shielded electric cable. The impact of very intense perpendicular impulse from the top does not mechanically interfere with plants exactly in the center of the impact area as much intensively as in the surrounding area. It can be caused by that the direction of mechanical effect of shock waves exactly at the point of impact is exactly perpendicular, and although there has the greatest power, plants to its effect need not be so deflected sideways, as in a certain distance from the impact point, where the direction of pressure wave follows the ground surface direction.


Another task for Crop Circles researchers: photographing the pattern from the day of its discovery, from one location with approximately weekly intervals until harvest, possibly even also for some time after that. If by chance something like that already existed, it would be a very good thing, but after studying and controll of many thousands on the internet also in the literature available photos from various "crime scenes" unfortunately there is no choice but to state the opposite. If someone would have owned a similar set of photos, almost surely would like very much blow his own trumpet. It would be possible to easily observe, that on the place more and more begin to appear more and more lodged (damaged, weakened) places, this time already only quite irregular. They will follow the direction of tram lines and often occur near the center of a quarter turnings or some "more than a quarter turnings". No choice but satisfy with only very rarely existing photographs of some Crop Circles sites, most often from different authors, taken at different times. (foto - Italy + Google, ...)


Very often additional photographs confirm the relatively frequent phenomenon occurring in the crop field affected by the electricity of the lightning discharge - most affected plants are the largest distance from the tractor tracks, that were hit by the current coming from two sides. Is interesting that on various crop fields are sometimes present separate two of these cases "double hit", sometimes between a pair of tracks in the middle of the tractor wheel spacing (2,5 - 3 m), sometimes in the middle distance between tractor traversing - equates to approximately 20 m. Another by electricity very extensively influenced and damaged areas are, very often the most, in the distance of approximately 10 m from the tracks at the edge of the field, towards the inside, where all that damaging electric currents summed alltogether in the greatest quantity. Something similar is possible find on the photo from Ancona - Italy in some next paragraph. Will be placed here photographs of all such cases. On the one hand is possible to find them in some photographs of Crop Circles, in their surroundings, on adjacent and also more distant fields, but even if possible those fields onthat Crop Circles photos ever find. Almost an endless source of such photographs is Google Earth, as well as any other available sources of aerial photos (aerial archaeologists may find a lot through their archives). Of course also possible find and take photos of similar examples of lodging (damaging, weakening) in any field, that was hit by lightning. Gradually will be here, but mainly on many other pages of this site placed examples of all that before enumerated options. Crop Circles and Google just only find and place here, they are ready. The last case - perhaps among the approximately 18,000 photographs, that were made and accumulated only during the first three years of observations and researches between 2008 - 2010, "something" would be possible to find. These are especially the shots of crop fields with instrumentally measured and registered lightning discharges some days before (date, time, GPS, current in kA, type - CG, Crop Circles). (drawing or photo or both)


Crop Circles - Quest For Truth, 1:09:53 top right of the field - brighter areas - a classic irregularly lodged (damaged, weakened) crop after lightning, without regular interference shape. To the left of the shape, and below to the right – darker greener areas – also affected places, but not yet lodged (damaged, weakened), ripening significantly more slowly, more damaged and should be lodged (damaged, weakened) in the future. Much more details will be on the page Chronology and submenu


Ancona, Italy 29th June 2008 Upstairs near the border of the field, but also down following the tramlines, also through the pattern, are very clearly visible normal, irregular effects of the lightning discharges in the field, and its conducting and induction through the tramlines and in their vicinity. If there were not located the regular pattern on that place, thus very similar look like any other common crop field after lightning strike, without a regular shape (but mostly several days, or even much more later). Locations with plants most affected by electricity, and most obviously lodged (damaged, weakened), very often quite accurately follow the direction of tramlines, through which and near that was most commonly conducted the greatest quantity of electric energy. The most by the electricity damaged crop is close to the tramlines near that locations, where the tractor turns, very often just exactly in the center of the quarter-circle turning. If somewhere in the field appears random "more than a quarter circle", mostly exactly there is the most affected crop, and a similar situation is where the tramlines converge.


(2010 between Kostomlaty a Kamenné Zboží, to the right from the railway in the direction K.Z., + Eng, L.P., + GOOGLE maps)

Quite a lot depends on the time elapsed since the first signs of lodging (damaging, weakening).


An interesting analogy, mentioned several times in the following text and on many other pages, is a comparison of a picture creation in classical halogen silver sensitive layer of photographic material. Immediately after the electric current conducting through tissues, the effect of mechanical forces, IR radiation, minor mechanical damage caused by the rapid tilting of plants and their return back, all electrical and mechanical caused effects of lightning discharges, occurs as well as in the photographic material to the creation of only latent - invisible picture. Mainly weakening of the plants by the electric current conducted through plant tissues and cells and their damaging for example by electrolysis, its waste products. Perhaps also due to thermal effects of electric current passing through, but with far less likely (explained here). Due to the huge inertia of processes in plants will become to visually observable changes and effects (lodging (damaging, weakening) of plants and subsequent bending and extension of nodes in their more or less successful attempt to standing back up using the influence of negative geotropism) up to during many days. Also, thanks to that the total discharge power and a huge electric current spread very disproportionately among many millions of plants, usually completely die just a few percent (less 10 %, which is visually almost unobservable). The other survive, even though at significant damage. It offers the possibility of comparison with animals. Manu of them after meeting with a lightning discharge look like that on the accompanying photo during a second


For fun (in the case of circlemakers also very strong warning): very similar like animals on this picutre only would look like any real meeting of so called hoaxers,  cropcirclemakers or circlemakers with the one who is the first and only one real author of crop circles – this would be their first, and currently the only and last contact with each other... (shaking hands?)


Added November 2011 ---------------------------------------------------------------------


A note to Circlemakers (Cropcirclemakers, Hoaxers):


Dear CropCircleMakers!


Thank you very much for all your efforts, an attempt to explain the process, that was quite unknown and unexplainable in that times, and therefore you have decided to take this difficult task as your job. Recently, however, begins to appear, that the true and real author, so far, although initially very, very timidly, but still just starting to report his work in style


"As sometimes possible to say a little bit here and there, although most really only exceptionally, we are allowed indicate something..."

For example, autumn 2011 in Pardubice, but that is still completely unverified message and may not be ultimately neither confirmed.


Hence, dear Circlemakers, in future rather make never even one step into the crop field. There would be preferably really never present anybody in any crop field, who has no business there. There belongs only agricultural workers and their assistants, or agricultural - scientific and research workers. Mostly people performing in the field something useful. Above all, the only and just reasonable people. With full respect, anything like that you were really never, you are not, and you never will be. Not only that really you are not a people performing in the fields anything useful, because you, as the saying goes, an ounce of common sense did not get.


In some very rare cases perhaps even would be some of your efforts funded by the military or secret services, or, more likely, performed these services something like that by themselves for experimental reasons. The basic task of any secret service has always been, is and will be creating disinformations, in the fight with any internal or external enemy. They use them to ridicule or put off the scent often only suspected enemy, but very often also to divert attention from their own inability. Often they do not even know, who is really that enemy, against whom they are just as much diligently fighting. In such a case, they most often believe, that they are fighting against some other secret services, succesfully concealing their identity. This also applies to the case described here. Sometimes it may even happen, that some components of secret services of some government, working in the highest secrecy, are many years fighting against other components of any secret services of the same government, working in even tighter secrecy. Nothing happens, the taxpayer's pockets are bottomless. Probably mainly because they are still full of holes. In all probability, that described activities at any time in the past, today and tomorrow was, is and will be completely useless.


A note here - this message until now, of course, was related especially to those circlemakers, who sometimes actually went into the field an made something there. Those in fact were really just a tiny percentage, and especially with cameras and photographers in the back (ie for making money, also mainly for making their own visibility). Actually in most cases much more others have never been present at any crop field, they are just only trying to sign by their claptrap to actions of someone entirely else. Although, of course, very often just for their own money and visibility. In fact, they were only the so-called self-declaring circlemakers, who have really never been far more away from the spigot in their pub than only a few meters, where a lot of drinking was probably the only reason of their figments. Such an activity is not even as much needless as stupid. It is therefore possible from a technological point of view to divide the circlemakers as needless or stupid. In some cases, they have even become from stupid to useless (good guys, they have promoted to a higher post), because they were feeling such an exalted by their own figments, that they even went into a field and made a pattern there. But it was totally unnecessary activity, in their case would be quite enough, if they had remained in the position of stupid..


Although probably will not be enforced a watchword "Circle makers of all countries, unite!", one must consider, that the crop circle makers anywhere in the world has always been, are, and will be useless and stupid. They are trying to walk in shoes of that, who would in any meeting face-to-face in the field without any hesitation, right on the spot and immediately during a split of second kill them.


Just before finally and completely say goodbye them forever, is possible to refer them to A Message To The Aliens (E.T.), there are many ideas quite a lot in common with this message to CM.




The Lightning Discharge


Always Ready to a meeting with you anywhere, shake hands with you, always holding there such a great quantity of energy, able to drive an electric locomotive at a distance from several thousands kilometers to several hundreds thousands kilometers.


Perhaps only in the end, when the first watchword failed,

"Circle Maker of all countries, fuck you !"




End of text added in November 2011 -----------------------------------------------------


One very interesting effect may be observed much earlier, several days before lodging (damaging, weakening), so far observed mainly on barley, with other cereals probably does not demonstrate nearly as much. Plants with "heads down" (ears or topmost leaves, in this case it is also the last leaf, followed by full heading) were affected by electricity from lightning, and other accompanying effects, and within several days or weeks they bend down to the ground. Sometimes, maybe even hours, say overnight, depends primarily on the intensity of damage. Barley in the accompanying photographs really was hit by the electricity from lightning, really flattened after a few days, and different appearance of flag leaves was visible for about a week before taking the photographs displayed here. Everything photographed, recorded, documented, will be shown in much more detailed on the page chronology. There may also be lodged (damaged, weakened) plants in their surroundings, less affected, but again before all that they "incline heads". Something like that healthy plants of barley in these phase of growth never exhibit, (spring barley, from start to end of may, just before full heading and after that), when they are still as green as plants on the photo. To the horizontal position (perpendicular to the vertical blade) reach the ears of barley not affected and damaged just until before ripening (growth phase just before 69, spring barley approx at the end of june or later), when plants begin turning yellow very clearly, or are already completely yellow.


Described phenomenon is probably in other cereals (wheat, rye, triticale) due to the constitution (steady) does not show on the ears, or by far not as much, but on the leaves should be observable..


Note: The rotation down of the ear belongs to the ripening of wheat, rye and barley and similar or derived crop totally inseparable, it is a phenomenon in which (probably) both participates continuous greater mechanical stress near the stem connecting the ear, both natural morphological changes during maturation. Very easily checkable, but not yet done. This applies even in autumn 2011. Will be verified. The consideration is based on the fact, that for example the stalk of barley is so little solid, that even at the slightest increased mechanical stress near the ear or damage (withering) the whole plant the ears begin to noticeably rotate down significantly before, than it was during their natural growth and development. On the contrary, wheat is characterized by the stem just below the cob is so thick and solid, that its ear turning down during ripening might not ever happen, if there did not facilitate a natural anatomical, physiological or morphological changes. (photo)


31.7.2010: Other estimates - it is possible that some of Crop Circles are created by repeated lightning discharges to the same place - at first there take place just something like before - exposition (again: what the similarity with the photographic process, how many times again!), and a significant part of the field is only weakened, but not lodged (damaged, weakened), perhaps only occasionally. As lately as the second discharge hits the in place (significantly more sensitive to mechanical impulses), where it is easy to create a pattern, for example, a circle, and almost immediately, in a split of a second. The idea dates back to 2008, the date is just time writen here


In the following text (but mainly on other subpages) are or will be some of these data considerably more precised, here only briefly. Electrostatic field created just before, during and just after the lightning discharge is huge. The electromagnetic field generated at the moment of the lightning discharges is huge. The mechanical force generated by the lightning discharge is huge. All these variables are in the order of at least millions to billions of times greater, also much more, than anything like a person is able to create in a laboratory or industry. Nothing even a hint like that is not possible to prepared even in the most enormous power stations of the world. Perhaps just for comparison, during the discharge (only!) of an average lightning (lasting from 100 to 150 millionths of a second) is above ground, also underground radiated energy, thanks to that would long and loaded freight train (thousands of tons) travel several tens of kilometers, and a full loaded truck (tens of tons) hundreds or thousands of kilometers. In the case of lodging (damaging, weakening) several tens to hundreds of square meters of wheat there may take place a relocation mostly several hundreds of kilograms of material by a distance of tens of centimeters, even without any transport from one place to another...


A little detailed analysis of the current curve during the lightning discharges may identify, that the most relevant part of the energy, radiated during that (more 99%), is transferred during the time not higher than 10 microseconds. The current rate of rise is between 30 thousand (the first RS) to more than 250 thousand (some subsequent RS) amps per microsecond. (pic - norm), short desc.


Described data concerning the average lightning discharges (peak current of 10-30 thousands of amperes). Assuming that, like elsewhere in electrical engineering practice, is true proportion, the transferred energy is proportional to the square of the current (even though this is an extreme case and would apply different random rules), then the energy from such lightnings (in all three cases these were so-called positive lightning, which are much more powerful and striking even many miles from the storm cloud, often without rain, as a "bolt from the blue"), which were measured 6th of August 2010 near the village Morkovice-Slížany (one 115 thousand of amperes, the time around 10:39, close to that another 133 thousand amperes, time approximately 10:40), or less than a mile above the northern edge of Austerlitz, approximately 10:40 CEST, 219 thousands of amperes, perhaps the train would circle the globe several times...


Note: place visited (Austerlitz), documented. Certain changes in plant material (maize) were observable, but only insignificant, in comparison to what happened over the field. In order to there become to a process of plants lodging (damaging, weakening), must be lightning hit the plants of some green phase of growing, when there would be observable partial damage and disruption of meristematic tissues, that would take over time just an effect in growth disorders. In August, the plants have already been quite a long time after reaching the green stage of maturity and full production height, growth terminated, growth meristatic tissues are already inactive and their cells do not divide, there is in progress just only the ripening process. It was probably one of the late high-growth variety, not investigated in detail. But again must be emphasized, even if the described situation occurred many weeks before, and the plants were, say, only half-height, immediately after remission of the lightning discharge would have been almost nothing observable, although above the field there occurred really right and genuine fireworks.


It is necessary to take into the consideration the enormous inertia of plant processes. Even wheat, which is very quickly totally killed (electricity, chemicals), is not in the early days almost possible to distinguish from that surviving, or almost intacted and undamaged, standing in its close proximity. It would certainly be possible to prove just by that it already does not exhibit any metabolism. Only after a few days begins to wither, and after a few weeks, literally disintegrates into a dust. But Crop Circles is not the case, where most appear only weakened crop. As an example would help the situation of weeds or any unwanted plants for several days after herbicide application - seemingly as if nothing happened, although plants are objectively already totally dead and completely without any sign of metabolism, and this fact would be certainly objectively detectable, but when traveling in the fields, who is taking a chemical laboratory in a bag...


A similar case was photographed already in 2008 - it was a lightning discharge to the hydrant and total death of crop (barley) at locations just above the metal tube stored underground. How long will the picked flower in the vase look like living? (the immortelle flowers forever). More photos of that same place available, different time, to see the chronology of the damage and plants withering.


Added October 2011:

as an example of the slowness of the processes inside plants may serve the grass yellowing at the Pardubice racecourse in autumn 2011 - as stated, application of herbicides must have happened at least a week before yellowing. Incidentally, it is possible that even there has happened to a  lightning hit into the grass, a little autumn storm was observable. Could be even longer than a month before grass yellowing. It would be necessary to ask the meteorologists. If there really happen to a lightning discharge, race workers certainly noticed it, even if they did not have state right next to it, fortunately for them. It could also leave an effects on some trees standing there (signs of the hit on the tribe, fallen branches). Herbicides were not observed. The issue is really interesting by all, there was set up a special page. If there really had happen to a lightning hit, the grass over time dies completely, but the place will be able quite easily re-sown, without any consequences on that new grass. See page named Pardubice - grass circles.


Why the Crop Circles phenomenon explorers themselves obviously do not want to put these facts into context, when on the site very often are found a number of very interesting phenomena, which can be absolutely with no exceptions all included between phenomena accompanying and following the lightning discharge?


Malfunctions of electronic devices – remains of the static electricity.


Compass – for instance LIRM (see wiki). Also possible find for instance in Uman: The lightning discharge, page 7 (The Modern Era)

..."The first lightning current measurement were made by Pockels (1897, 1898, 1900) in Germany. He analysed the residual magnetic field induced in basalt by nearby lightning current and by doing so was able to estimate the values of those currents"...  

(note - by 1900, researchers were walking around the crop fields above the basalt subsoil with a compass and magnetometer, and were not surprised anyhow that the places that were recently hit by lightning, there appear a deviation from the normal magnetic field. It was just possible to ask, or read some books a little...)


Dead animals, insects - killed by electric shock, in the case of insects might be sometimes only the current induced. How is it that the dead insects on the plants were not found in any Crop Circles location and even any location with flattened (damaged, weakened) crop? Because, objectively speaking, during the spring and summer the insects are found absolutely everywhere. This is because in almost all cases long time before the lightning hit the place something all that insects either fight off into a shelter (oncoming storm, wind, rain), or just blow away (strong wind), or wash down. Dead insects is thus found only in those very rare cases, where there had become to that very rare phenomenon, as is the lightning from the blue. During the research in several hundred locations, where the field was hit by lightning 2008 - 2010, was the place where the dead insects also found, discovered only once. On the other hand it was such a case, where there is no need to doubt about the possible cause of their condition. Each captured specimen of insects received a dose of at least a few joules of energy, but maybe much more. Nevertheless the plants on that they were located probably survived all that.


Particles of iron oxide and iron in the soil, perhaps also on the stalk, spikes and grains: cathodic reduction and pyrolysis, the particles could be partially melted. Reportedly exhibiting magnetism, what is really not excluded, whereas what was happend there. Explorers never credibly substantiate, how their alleged magnetism found or measured it. By the way, there is really no need to search for meteoritic origin of iron, in agricultural land itself there is only due to its natural content in a single hectare and only to a depth of 10 cm contained from 7500 to 10,000 tons. If the agricultural land will be at some point exposed even momentarily at about 30 000 degrees C, and to an electric current sometimes in excess of five hundred thousand amperes, some remelted particles (reduced) of iron in would be certainly possible found there. Nothing and no one prevent anybody, to try to do something similar in the laboratory, certainly achieve some results with much lower temperatures and currents. Following experiment was not carried out with agricultural soil, but may serve as an object demonstration. The photo is pure iron oxide, precipitated from the solution of ferric chloride by ammonia, washed by distilled water and dried. On the left side in its original condition and on the right after repeated exposure to sparks of an intensity round 0.03 J, 2500 V in its immediate vicinity (both are one and the same sample before and after the experiment). Color change may be caused by a partial reduction or changed modification, not yet investigated closer. Quantity of Fe2O3 was approximately 0,3 g and the quantity of sparks several tens of. The experiment is quite easily executable and any time repeatable. Discharge power used in the experiment is approximately 1012 times less than the average flash energy (thousand times billion or million times million lower). Possible to imagine that even "a slightly" stronger than discharges as described in the experiment (1000 times, 10000 times ) would with chosen medium performed significantly more extensive qualitative and quantitative changes.  Fe is in agricultural soils contained at the equivalent of just over 3 %, mainly as hydrated oxides. 


The occurrence of various poisons and harmful chemicals. Although visitors to the Crop Circles never realized, but their testimony and experiences may not any toxicologist have even the slightest doubt, and they should be carefully, but forcefully reported. Many visitors describe the classic symptoms of poisoning by various dangerous chemicals or actions of hallucinogenic substances – caused by transfer and activity of vast amount of electric energy, that is able to convert hundreds of kilograms of there originally completely harmless natural substances situated there to a very dangerous chemicals.  Electrolysis, high temperature, high pressure, pyrolysis, high pressure high temperature dissociation, thermal processes and their combination and many others following processes. On the location may occur primarily very significantly increased amounts of these chemicals: Carbon dioxide CO2 (lethal concentrations of about 20% in air), Carbon monoxide CO (lethal concentration in the air a little over 0.2%), Hydrogen cyanide or cyanides (LD around 300mg). Will be precised. Besides that three named examples may occur there thousands of other highly dangerous chemicals. They may arise through the processes enumerated only from what is otherwise quite naturally found in soil in a completely harmless form. At random may be named for example organophosphates.


The claim is not yet experimentally verified, it is exclusively and only for so called educated guess. Anyone who would like to say that there is nothing like that, did not occur or will not occur there, may attempt to prove it near any patterns in the future. Since this is a very serious assertion, will be added here over time in detail many other symptoms of poisoning mainly theese three enumerated chemicals (on some other sites they are listed already). The vast majority of them were in various described forms of perceptions, sensations, feelings, impressions and tastes or even hallucinations of visitors to Crop Circles over the years in areas of documented patterns witnessed. As an example - metallic taste in mouth - typical eg for cyanide poisoning, but also many other extremely dangerous poisons. Cyanides (in the case of hydrogen cyanide HCN) were primarily selected as the most typical case because, that all three of its components - H, C, also N, on that place are, entirely without any doubt, undeniably present, and for the discharge of lightning and its energy is likely not any particularly large problem connect them together ("cook it in a natural underground autoclave"). Therefore some Crop Circles visitors may belong under a very rare group of people, who were able to describe their feelings and share with someone about them after cyanide poisoning. The vast majority of people, who were ever poisoned by cyanide ions, were able to share with someone about their feelings, almost never a lot more time than a few seconds, at most two minutes.


The greatest collector of people's feelings in crop circles is likely to be Lucy Pringle. Pulling there many experimental persons of observation like guinea pigs by the thousands, including minors and let them fill in questionnaires about it. Sooner or later, it is likely someone submits a criminal complaint to her, because uninformed and unsuspecting individuals without any protective equipment, they are quite clearly exposed to the effects of toxic substances, deadly toxins, their untrained, suspicionless organisms are in a feeling of and the state of near death and for some sensitive individuals can lead to the initiation of drug addiction. Ignorance of the law is no excuse, Lucy. Information obtained overwhelm a cheap junk and presenting them as mysterious and supernatural phenomena. If anyone applies a dose of poisonous gases in quantities of tens of percent of lethal dose (described feelings of experimental persons reliably matching to that) may have some time to think about it on an alien planet UFO seen or met with extraterrestrials. In consideration come any sensory hallucinations. Therefore, on all the evidence that comes from crop circles to be seen as an activity with extremely low objectivity. Their recording value is probably at a level such testimony of a drunkard, or even much lower. As soon as someone says - we were experiencing something very special (beautiful, terrifying, unusual), it is possible to answer: we know why. You were so close to death that it you can not even imagine.


added November 2011

According to some testimony on the places of Crop Circles occasionally occur individuals, who "sniff the ground" (as described in "bara klara sdili" (CZ) or something like that). These are probably individuals who attempt to act like a canary in a cage launched down to the bottom of the mine. (Red Dwarf, series 8 ep. 4 - Kassandra)


Carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide form a special subgroup of toxic chemicals, which may be in some cases originated even during the on-site visit of Crop Circles explorers, many days after the lightning discharge. In the underground below the deep ploughing may be present various wooden objects - part of the original buildings, felled trees root systems, humus or peat deposits. Any of these items can be ignited by the passage of lightning, even in a state of very high humidity, and burn (smolder) number of days, similar to the the pile of charcoal production, without being this condition above the ground no matter how significantly manifested, and was observed. Something could probably be detected by thermal imagers, which would also certainly display a lot about heat, dissipated in the underground only as energy of conducted and electric current. Thermal imagers (thermography) has never been used in areas where the Crop Circles were found, so, dear researchers, in future years do not hesitate try it! This is a very suitable method of observation, so called distant, so the observer is not issued to all potential hazards, which may occur on site. For poorer explorers will be somewhere on the site able to find a relatively detailed description, how to use a relatively simple and cheap camera (<100$) as a thermal imagery (>3000$), by that is possible at least identify an over-supply of heat stored underground due to conducted and dissipated electric current.


Added autumn 2011: As the anomalies appearing on the Crop Circles sites are sometimes described motor vehicles failures in their vicinity, perhaps even airplanes moving over them. Engines for their activities using a series of electronic devices that can be influenced by residual static electricity and induction, as described elsewhere. Static electricity may also directly interfere with the operation of the ignition system. Static electricity, which may be after such lightning discharge some time stored underground at random natural capacitor isolated by high efficiency dielectric (some stones) may represent many kilowatt-hours (megajoules). In conventional capacitors in equipment is stored at most a few milijoules, exceptionally a little more, most times much less. Another possible cause of failure of internal combustion engines on the described sites could be the fact, that there need not be present the amount of oxygen contained in the air (percentage), that similar devices require to a trouble-free operations. Decreased percentage of oxygen may also cause failure of other devices running on that place, like human and animal organisms. Such failures are also often described. As in many similar cases on this site, it is (only) mainly (not very) educated guess.


Almost every group or person, who try to to pay even a little attention, on the internet or in a book to the Crop Circles phenomenon, devotes at least one web page or a chapter of book to "unexplained" phenomena in the place of discovery, while absolutely without exception, absolutely all of these seemingly inexplicable phenomena can be explained through the action of very intense electric discharge near their place of discovery short time before, and exposure to extremely strong electrostatic and electromagnetic pulse, like The Lightning Discharge is. Viz Anomalies.


Another chapter of "unexplained phenomena" from the Crop Circles explorers point of view "crop abnormalities", which for now will be completely left aside. For example, in the case of bent and extended nodes it is an absolutely normal reaction of weakened and over time flattened (damaged, weakened) (lying on the ground) plants, therefore they are not really any abnormalities at all, see Nodes.



Even the lights should be probably explained by effects of residual static electricity and other energy underground - discharges, St. Elmo's fire, sparks. In organic substances present underground may also arise some similar to marsh gas, CO, H2, O3, also some of those as highly ionized atoms and molecules. Mysterious lights are probably caused by too much vivid imagination of observers. Mainly due to the relatively easily verifiable fact, that considerable percentage of them could be really "under some influence". Only partly by their own fault. On the place may occur in addition to other such chemical compounds (see), that their brains may work on completely different "gear", than usual, so there is no need to wonder, that in some cases they could see things that have happened at all.


There are often considerations about the possibility of ball lightning effect, analogy circle - ball looks really usable. Reality looks very likely to be much simpler, the presence of a ball lightning on the site is probably not necessary at all. It was is very likely only one of very traditional, quite often used blind alleys of the mankind while trying to "explanation of one unexplainable phenomenon by another, often more unexplainable". Aliens would probably be able to tell long stories about that.


For certain, even if only very rare conditions, described in dozens of pages and hundreds paragraphs of this web site, Crop Circles are likely to be able created by any lightning flash. All forces from the point source, also linear perpendicularly incident sources, disseminate in circular waves on the surface to which they were hit. Such a surface is most commonly the phase boundary. The surface of the corn field at a height where the stalks reach, can considered as very accurate approximation of the phase interface. Wind waves can travel on its surface as well as waves on water (youtube - wind waves). As well as the impact of any element creates in the water a circular waves, and several elements creates interfering circular waves, impact of several arms of the same lightning discharge, at small distances from each other, in the same time or at intervals of tens to hundreds milliseconds, create on the crop surface interfering circular waves, to which they may hit, and thus fix another subsequent discharges, which together may also resonate and create interferences. The electricity of subsequent discharges is conducted primarily by temporarily created structures of inclined crop stalks that have several thousand times lower resistance than that of standing upright, because there are much more contact points between them and they are much more strongly pressed together. Creates a temporary structure for example simulating the circles on the water, so that plants located inside them will receive far greater amount of energy of the subsequent discharge. Immediately after remission of all mechanical impulses, however, they completely restore thanks to their own elasticity their original position. The "image", which is thus created inside them by their much greater damage against plants in their immediate surroundings, is completely invisible, latent. Their damage increases over time due to the growth processes, that are taking place in them, and stalks continuously weaken until finally bend down - is lodged (damaged, weakened). Thus only actually happen really visualization of that regular, but also any irregular pattern. The problem is or it will be soon elaborated in much more detail on other pages of the site, such as Chronology and subpages.


Added autumn 2011:

Due to the specific properties of barley may be sometimes a pattern visible before lodging (damaging, weakening), which is the case of pattern ...,(photo) in which stalks are not lying on the ground at all, they are still standing quite perpendicularly. Pattern is visible, mainly due to inclination of ear and and the uppermost leafs to an entirely different position in comparison to the surrounding plants. This is actually an equivalent or a form of plants wilting away, also lodging (damaging, weakening) is in fact only a certain form of wilting away, the ground are bending just only a significantly damaged and thus weakened (wilted) plants. Similarly may behave also the uppermost leaf alone (photo), perhaps even in other cereals. The described behavior of ears is really just a specialty of barley. Much more detail will be again on the site Chronology and others. This is not a single case of Crop Circles, when the barley demonstrated a similar behaviour, but it is rather an exception, throughout the long history of Crop Circles in approximately 30 years, happened only a few similar cases. The barley ia able demonstrate a similar behaviour probably very often, especially in the period from May to June. Maybe mainly in the period immediately before and after full heading - spring barley in about mid-May. Nothing prevents that in this regard would be made in future a statistically significant number of additional observations, but there is no nees to carry them out only in regular patterns. Also possible, that patterns in barley are found in most cases too late, just after lodging (damaging, weakening), but would be possible find them earlier. Also possible, that the period of only inclined ears is in most cases really very short, and quite impossible register it. Significantly longer time takes only in quite unique cases, possible due to contribution of some other, for instance of Water Surface Tension Effect, that helps stalks to stay up longer time.


It is perhaps more than 99% sure, that stalks in the mentioned pattern later bend down to the ground, as in every other case, but later photographs on any Crop Circles explorers site never appeared. Why, however, when they already have "all done". Even after more 30 years of research, they did not realize, that they follow the storyline, that started often already several months before they came to take photos, and continues for several months after, until harvest and after, there is always something new to photograph, there is always something new to discover, observable changes have taken place almost every day. Even one photograph weekly would be enough. Perhaps, however, may be found some visitor, who visited and photographed the figure later.


Vortex ring very often arises after a conventional explosion just above the ground or in the air, absolutely always after nuclear, and quite often would probably be created for several seconds after the lightning discharge, since what was happening there from mechanical point of view. Immediately after the lightning discharge can move above its impact point a vortex ring of several meters to tens of meters diameter, which contains a large amount of electric charge, and at certain moments can "print itself" to the structure below it (crop). There may move up to several rings in close proximity, concentric and excentric, their charges may add and subtract. Comparing some of their shapes may suggest an idea that some of them would be created by a fairly complex set of vortex rings, moving over the ground in different directions, whose parts are displayed at certain moments in the structure of the crop. They can be inclined under various angles.


During an interaction of vortex rings may happen very interesting, also very symmetrical processes (foto-video)


It is still only a very theoretic consideration. On some other sites there will be certainly a lot of written about that. Vortex ring is very often observed immediately after the certain explosions. ((photo/) At the point where lightning discharge happens, there are in progress processes very similar explosion. Indeed, very few observers of that are able leave such place using their own legs (alive). Some further details will be here.


only for czech readers:

It was cloudy February morning, a day as like any other, and absolutely nothing indicated, that really very soon it just may be forthcoming a solution one of the greatest mankind's mysteries of 20th century, that without any hint of a solution continued to the twenty-first century. Programs were programmed, documents were documented, records were recorded, films were filmed and photographs were photographed. Projection materials added to projection devices, transmission paths activated, receivers received, transmitting tubes preheated. It was 12th of February 2008... To be continued ...


End of Part 1



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