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lightning discharge
Science, Nature Methods
applicable to the gradual detection and revealing causes of any lodged (damaged, weakened) crop, lying on the ground anywhere in the world
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Crop circles

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Nature & science research (basic), no else

Some of listed research branches were not used yet, and their application is still in very early stage. Utilization some of them in the described studies was not realised yet, but they will really be used and useful.


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An approximate list of scientific, nature and technical research disciplines, mainly basic research, applicable for use during explaining the principles of lodged (damaged, weakened) crop, lying down on the soil surface, as opposite to the crop standing upright. Explanation of crop flattening (damaging, weakening) and other damages altogether with with Agriculture and Botany


Phytopathology, plant anatomy, physiology and morphology, biology, biochemistry, biomechanics, physics, chemistry, biophysics, agronomy, hydrology, hydrostatics, physics of resonance and interference, physical chemistry, geology, radiobiology, physics and dosimetry of electromagnetic and ionizing radiation, electrodynamics, aerodynamics, statistics, hydrometeorology, electromechanics, explosion kinetics, electromagnetism, photometry, quantum chemistry, thermodynamics, mathematics, mechanics, hydrodynamics, thermochemistry, optics, microscopy, crystallography, spectroscopy, (stereo)photogrammetry, electrostatics, toxicology, photography, archeology, fluid dynamics, speleology, magnetohydrodynamics, soil science, electronics, geometry, magnetism, geophysics, fractal geometry, seismology, dendrology, mineralogy, hydrogeology, geochemistry


and many other, also interdisciplinary and intersecting science branches


That list will not be extended more, even if some other disciplines would be surely added.


Nature processes, logical by science supportable explanation

Logic, science and nature - all the deadly scourge junk science, fools and aliens

"A really short" list of natural methods and science procedures, usable for explaining of reasons, calling into existence of crop lying down on the farmland ground surface. As well as sometime (extremely rarely) such processes may be more or less randomly, with the assistance and cooperation of many other, very difficult determinable, but after all, at least partially solvable causes, altogether would randomly become to very regular figures, at first absolutely perplexing, shocking, incomprehensible and unbelievable. Any of these methods and disciplines may be used at any time and repeatedly to collect evidence supporting presented processes of lodged (damaged, weakened) crop areas.




Great obstacles to all scientific progress and research are:

Belief in aliens, mysteries, junk sciences, pseudosciences, amateurism, dilettantism. In addition:

One of the greatest obstacle on scientific progress are diligent idiots.


Belief in aliens is a huge obstacle of all scientific progress because inhibit trust in humanity itself. They do not believe that would be able anything to prove and explain by theirselves without any aliens activity. They are not able to believe, that all events on a blue planet, inhabited by humanized monkeys of type humankind, may take place without any extraterrestrial intervention. They do not believe that everything that happened ever on this and the surrounding planets, was without exception caused by the energy supplied by the main provider - the central star - the Sun. A small portion, much less than 1%, adds the planet itself as thermal energy of the nucleus (in the case of the globe it is the geothermal energy). That is generated under the surface by the effects of friction, tidal forces and radioactive decay.


As soon as anywhere anytime will appear anything incomprehensible and incredible, round the whole globe, they are here. Primitive fools, termed extraterrestrials. Their technique is millions, rather billions of years more advanced than that of humankind. They must be able control an unlimited sources of energy. Perhaps for that reason so unbelievably often they are landing right on the power lines, that is possible to find for example here.  Frequently they are not able even place a picture on their chosen screen, to fit the whole picture, mention as here. In a simple terms - primitives. Unlimited belief in them probably exceeds all human understanding, because unexplainable things will occur always and simple people require simple solutions. For some single individuals is an explanation of of some problems through the intervention of aliens really the simplest solution. If they do not mind, that their celebrated friends aliens are so stupid, that they are not able very often to properly cock-shot a field of grain with an area of several hundred hectares, it would be probably the best to leave them in their foolish beliefs.


There were used thousands  pseudoscentific, quasi scientific and mysteriological considerations and methods used in exploring the phenomenon during the decades. Over the years, crop circle explorers almost have forgotten that there existed something like botany and agriculture, as well as dozens of other standard usable scientific  disciplines, objective research methods and natural procedures. The fact that there is something like a science, let alone basic research, they were able completely forget. Mostly thanks to the intoxication from the fact that the whole phenomenon is such an incomprehensible, beyond any understation, mazy, incalculable, erratic, illusive, startling, perplexing, baffling, surprising, unexplainable, bewildering,inexplicable, mystifying, unaccountable, marvellous, puzzling, confusing, hermetical, cryptic, fabulous, unpredictable, darksome, mystic, disorienting, occult, arcane, enigmatic up to mysterious.


Most of them are listed at the beginning of this page. All, absolutely all of them in this relatively comprehensive list of scientific research methods are useful, and really will be gradually used here on this website, to explain the principles of formation and origin of lodged (damaged, weakened) crop, and an explanation of the reasons why sometimes under very exceptional coincidences and accidents the structure of lodged (damaged, weakened) crop formed into a regular pattern, a phenomenon called Crop Circles. Of course, not all at the same extent, not together and not immediately. Guaranteed completely all of them. Some of them namely only marginally, more like attraction, but some others really very comprehensive and intensively.



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This page was prepared, and all the facts and theories presented here were very thoroughly, closely and in detail experimentally examined by


Jan Ledecky


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